Worst Customer Service ever

Have posted in another thread about the issues i have been having, but this thread is about the terrible customer service mail i just recived.
Issue: majority of my event videos just stopped playing- some work, then next 10 don’t play, just the circling downloading indicator and it never resolves.

I have submitted logs and exchanged mails with support. in fact i first called support and they told me to submit a log but failed to mention this does not open a support case, just for engineers for future work.
After i then opened a support case, the support mails i got were all basic scripted things to try, like reboot phone, change network etc.
i replied that nothing worked and explained i though this was a server not client issue.

I got a follow up mail that told me to clear cache in app, turn off my VPN, change my network. and then send another log.
but it then went on to tell me:
if this does not work there is nothing more we can do and your case is now closed, please watch for future updates to the app and firmware, oh and please keep sending logs to help our engineers for future updates they are working on.

basically- we are done, i have 13 cameras, they dont work as they should and Wyze just gave up.

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FOr context, Video shows multiple event videos here, only the second one plays, and the third one is the exact same dang camera just a few minutes later and does not play.

Most companies do this to ensure that the support people receive is consistent with the best information (I worked customer service for 4 companies while I went through college, so I am more than familiar with how it all goes in the industry).

They should’ve asked you to power cycle your Wyze camera and your modem and router. Often those are culprits when event videos that are uploaded won’t play right. I would know, I had this problem A LOT a long time ago before I finally ditched Xfinity and got a better router, etc. Now I almost never have this happen, but it was fairly common for me once upon a time.

Possible, but surprisingly that is not always the case. Even though it looks like the event is there and seems to have uploaded okay, sometimes if there was a piece of the upload that wasn’t perfect, then the server will refuse to play it, so sometimes it means that there was a problem when the even was uploaded in the first place, and so even though the event uploaded enough frames for the AI to scan and find AI detections, if there were blips in connectivity or something didn’t come through perfectly, it’s not uncommon from the server to not let it be played back. Granted, that could probably be fixed on the server side to allow playing back events that aren’t always perfect…so in a way there are multiple factors involved, possibly the camera itself, maybe the router, maybe the ISP, and partially the server for refusing to play anything besides perfect uploads. :man_shrugging:

These are common issues which I have seen fix this issue for users in here in the past, so they say this because it is often something that helps reduce future event problems. VPNs commonly cause issues, and clearing the cache forces a refreshed connection. Those were good suggestions.

I wouldn’t say that. They told you they are sending in your logs to the devs/engineers to help make this better and fix things like you are wanting. Logs go to the devs and they look at them and they use them and they fix things. But the devs don’t talk to people directly. So they will indeed use the information you sent them and they will indeed make improvements like you are asking for, but the devs don’t talk to people directly. Wyze didn’t give up, that is why support asked you to keep sending those logs so the engineers can continue to work on it and fix it. Support just doesn’t have any more they can tell you to do on your end besides the above things “Clear the cache, reboot your phone and camera and router/modem, make sure you have enough bandwidth, etc.” Then they will use your logs to check things on the server side and see why you are having a different experience from most people…basically what makes you different when the server and events are working for other people. Comparing your logs to other people’s logs will help them find the discrepancies and push updates and improvements so that your experience gets better too.

Sorry to hear about these problems though, that is REALLY frustrating. Try rebooting your camera and modem and router and then wait a few minutes and purposely trigger some new events and see if the new events start working correctly. Let me know if that helps, I know it used to help me in the past. I eventually started setting up smart plugs on some of my devices to force them to reboot in the middle of the night, and that helped keep them all working perfectly for the rest of the day. I haven’t needed to do that recently now that I have a higher end mesh system with 1gbps fiber, but more than a year ago, I needed to do things like that and it helped me get consistent event uploads like I wanted.

thanks for all the input, interestingly though, my set up is at 2 different locations, 2 different states, 2 different wif networks, router set ups etc.
and yet the problems, are consistent in both set ups. hence my belief that this is not suddenly all cameras went off somehow. app related could be the issue for sure, but surely Wyze could seek permission from me to view select videos and assess the problem.

my point on them giving up, is the close to the email nothing more we can do here now. hope an engineer updates something that might help you in the future, and i’m left with a system that does not work. i’m familiar with scripted fist run troubleshooting, i’m not familiar with their being no tier 2 escalation but rather just a statement that nothing we can do now.

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Similar issue, especially with sound events. Just. Will. Not. Play. This is literally all sound events. Motion events typically no problem, and AI events all fine. Sound events, no dice. These are wired v.2 cams.