Terrible Customer Service!

Thank you! This is exactly the same experience that l have had dealing with these folks. I was a huge fan of this company until I started having issues… Their number one way to “solve” problems is to simply replace it, and the replacement doesn’t solve anything because the problems are all software related. They perform “updates” that do nothing but break the equipment, and then the act like you’re crazy… I’m sorry to say, but they lost a customer here. I’ve already gotten rid of the junk.


I totally agree. I love the products and have most of them but the service absolutely stinks! I was told I’d get a refund for the thermostat months ago and still haven’t gotten it. I simply gave up. Not even going to try any longer, it’s not worth my time and effort. Luckily the products I have work because if they didn’t I would have given up on them ages ago. They need to fix the CS issues fast if they want to continue.


The thing is that we shouldn’t have to keep our cameras on all the time, just so they don’t immediately record a pink flash when turning them on. Wyze won’t even acknowledge there is an issue. Every time I contact customer support all they keep doing is make me go through the troubleshooting procedures and then end up wanting to replace the cameras. This is a software issue, not a hardware issue! Is anyone at Wyze even paying attention?

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Just turn the cameras off. That’s what I did. I also bought an unnamed camera and it costs more but works flawlessly. I don’t have the time and effort required to make my pancams work. I think Wyze is a good company, they just have too many product issues to work through them all.

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Basically the same thing for me. I had a V2 burn out EXACTLY 13 months after activation. They had me track down all the BS info for the camera including a screenshot of the cam info from the app…then came back to me and said that it was out of warranty. Not a HUGE deal…it’s a $20 camera, but I politely asked for a one time exception as i have many other V2’s which I was replacing with V3s and also CamPlus…Their answer was no. SOOO, i told them i am replacing all my cameras with a company that actually CARES about their customers instead of releasing stupid BS every other month that only caters to a niche audience. Their CS is a JOKE, and now their products are as well, and I will tell everyone i know and on every forum i visit to stay away from this brand…even if received as a gift.


The issue with the pink flash started happening on my V2’s after the firmware update that also brought the insane amount of sound alerts. I rolled back to the previous version of the firmware ( and both problems went away. The version ending in 264 is garbage!


My V2 and pan cams also trigger a motion alert when we turn them on.
It’s not a big deal but I’d sure like to see it fixed.

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I totally agree! After buying what proved to be a useless, energy sucking WYZE thermostat and a doorbell camera that only produces a clear image in night mode (black and white in the daylight and in color at night. If I turn off the night vision, I get nothing but a pink hued unclear image during the day).I followed WYZE’s recommendations on “how to fix” both the thermostat and the doorbell camera. The thermostat ran cold for 30-45 minutes before the heat went on. My electric bill for the one month I used the thermostat was 3 x the usual bill!!! I got rid of the “pink hue” on the doorbell camera but then the doorbell didn’t work!!! Back to pink in order to have a working doorbell.
The outdoor cameras have a mind of their own. They work when they feel like it, even when they have 80-100% battery!

I ended up buying a reliable sensei thermostat and it is terrific!! Until I buy a better doorbell camera from some other company, I am stuck with the pink images! I have wasted far too much money on inferior equipment and ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I AM DONE WITH WYZE!


They have customer service? You could have fooled me!


Same thing happen to me. how did you roll back to that firmware version?

Figured out.

I have had several issues, requiring me to contact support. They NEVER follow through with any help at all. It’s worthless to ask for help.


Yes same here. I have been waiting now for well over e0 mind now to revert back to the older firmware and it’s still at 0%.

You have to go to each cameras settings individually. Open the camera view of the device you want to roll back. Tap the gear icon (settings) then go to Device info >> Firmware version >> Have problem? Then just chose which version you want to roll back. I’m using without issue. Hope this helps!

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Yes. that is what I am doing. It’s been over 30mins. and it’s still at 0%. It shows ti
his should take a few mins. 30mins. and still not doing anything. Been on hold for customer service for almost 40 mins. and no one has picked up yet. I really think there’s no one there to answer phones. It’s always this way. Very unhappy with WYZE!


My V2’s have version, guess I’ll be rolling back to because I can’t take this pink flash thing they keep recording. But in Device Info>>Firmware Version there is no Have problem. It just shows that my firmware is up to date. After looking over the forums, it seems the “have problem” option hasn’t been available since 2019. So bradgonemad how were you able to do it?

Wyze do you even hear us?!

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You have to do each camera separately. Click on camera. You don’t have to turn it on. Click on the setting top right. Scroll down to Device info. Click on Firmware version. It will show latest version. Then click on “Have problem”. Then it will show a list of versions you can change back to . Then you pick version you want to revert back to. Then wait til it’s done. It will tell you when completed.

Well I don’t have a time machine

Well, there is nothing below the Installed Version # for all my V2’s and Pan cameras. I’m using the iOS app.

After click the “Having problem?” link which apparently hasn’t existed for 2 years