Lack of Customer support AGAIN

I can’t seem to get any help from Customer support a while back I posted a problem I had with the wyze floodlight ( Lack of Customer Service as a result of that post I was contacted by a women by the name of “Sam”. We discussed my problem then and she told me that If I ever had another problem tell the rep to transfer the call to her. Today I called in and spoke to a rep by the name of Jane. It took me over a minute just to get her to understand my name, I had to spell it several times including phonetically and there were still problems. It was even worse when she asked for my email address and I hadn’t gotten to the problem yet. Then I explained that I had a problem with my wyze headphones. They would randomly power off and then back on even though the battery was fully charged and sometimes I could not shut them off the normally way I would have to hold down the power on/off button and the long button on the left earpiece in order to get it to shutdown. She put me on hold for a minute or so then got back to me lecturing me about making sure the headphones were charged, like I am stupid. I explained to her that the headphones are fully charged and I still have this problem, She put me on hold again and came back and started asking me to do things that made no sense in regards to my problem, and when I asked her why she was doing this she said she was just following her written instructions, Obviously she has no technical experience and is just reading a script. Frustrated that I was going through the same problem I had with the floodlight I asked her to connect with with “Sam” in the US. I explained that she had said that all I needed to do was to tell the rep I wanted to speak with her and I would be transferred. Sadly this wasn’t the case, Jane put me on hold for over 5 minutes waiting for a Supervisor then came back stating that no supervisor was available and asked me to remain on hold until one became available. I reminded her that I was told that she could directly get me in contact with “Sam” but she said she was just following directions and couldn’t do that, so here I am looking for help.

I have purchased may Wyze products over the years and up until the past year or so never had any problems getting help, perhaps Wyze should reconsider farming out there support to an offshore company as they aren’t servicing you well. I can tolerate technical problems as long as there are solutions to them, so far trying to get a solution out of your customer support team is problematic at best.

The customer support is not the greatest yes . Many times i can barely understand them and they can barely understand me .

I try to give them the benefit of the doubt as English is not their first language but every time I call and they ask me for my first and last name I have to spell it out to them and even more annoying is when they ask you for your email as well and that’s another 5 minutes . Why aren’t our phone numbers saved and our names and email so we don’t have to give them that information every single time we call support ?

But anyway I noticed you said you had problems with your floodlight . Care to explain some more what issues you’re experiencing? Thanks

The problem with the floodlight wasn’t floodlight related (see the above referenced post) but rather started out as a simple question about starting my 30day cam+ subscription which Wyze stated started the time I purchased it. What started out as a simple “why would you start a subscription before I get the product” question turned into the same ol how do you spell your name email address what the problem etc. until eventually in frustration I hung up and vented on this forum. I have had the floodlight now about 3 months and am happy with it, but I honestly dread having to contact support and probably wont be purchasing any new products because of them. Yes eventually both of my problems were resolved, but it took way more effort and work to accomplish this than is should especially since about a year or to ago I could call in talk to somebody who knew the product and get technical and friendly help the first time. Now the people I talk to at least don’t know the product and read a script that forces one to repeat what they already have told them. Anyway sorry for the rant, I haven’t had any problems with the floodlight itself.