Customer service email NOT helpful and doesn't address the issue

Has anyone had issues where you reach out to customer service via email and they send back the most bland response back after waiting a couple days that honestly is nothing to do with what you email them for? I reached out for a couple of reasons and I got a response back that was typical of an outsourced generalized statement that would cover a multitude or should I say a plethora of many different topics so general that it was a waste. And every time you make a response back they keep sending the same thing over again no matter how you try to get them to respond differently. It really is customer (UN)service

Yeah, it is rather infuriating when they do that. It is obvious that they didn’t read the carefully written problem description provided.

Having worked on the other side (Software Support) for many years though, I do acknowledge the need for a “filter”-type response that may address 10-20% of the issues. Their bland response did resolve my issue one time (out of maybe 20).

Such bland responses do help with their metrics too, especially, their initial response time.

My advice is to push through and calmly (yeah, it’s hard) re-state the problem, mention that it was explained beforehand, and why their response wouldn’t apply. After 2-3 times they do seem to finally have a human read it and give you a real response.

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I completely agree with you as I have worked in a similar environment. The first email, I completely get. I just went through the email chain and I had responded back to them, and having to reword it every time with the most detailed intricate description ever (even my college level honors English professor would be proud😂), 7 times. The original email plus 6 responses back to them. And their responses are almost exactly the same every time. I’m sick of it.

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Wyze can’t not know this.


We offer chat, live phone and email support!


Phone and email support can be unproductive and frustrating for any but the most basic issues. We prefer you use chat support (best automated interaction analysis.)

Failing that, seek help from fellow users via Facebook, reddit and the Wyze Forum. There you can find people with deep experience, patience and specific advice willing to work for free.


Totally true. I wouldn’t contact Support unless I really have to. Here on the forum I can just ask once and get a bunch of helpful replies. Thanks everyone!


Yeah well I learned my lesson now. :joy: I do appreciate the real working knowledge base. Only they not only don’t get paid, they pay the company (purchasing products).

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One of the strategies I employ when contacting support in order to combat their cut-n-paste scripted replies is to be extremely specific about exactly what it is I am requesting and what I specifically expect of them.

But, I only contact support for billing, account, purchases, and warranty issues. I NEVER contact them about Technical Support issues. I find that the Forum is far more real-time up to date on current issues and bugs, Forum users are much quicker at finding solutions and workarounds, and the discussion of possible causes and troubleshooting is by far more immediate.

I usually always just deal with everything myself. But now I will never reach out again. Honestly, with how bad that are to deal with, the ONLY thing stopping me from just ditching them and going to a different brand is their pricing.

I will say that they do have their purpose. If an issue needs to be tracked, getting a ticket number is critical so that there is a record. They are the only ones that can initiate that.

I have contacted them several times for Warranty Returns and an RMA and have received great service and turnaround. I had one new product refund return that went great. When it comes to those things, there just isn’t any other avenue.

Account issues also can’t be solved here in the forum.

Did you get resolution? Are you able to share what it was about? We might be able to help if it is still unresolved.

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I had an issue with 2 of my cameras and they were under warranty. They pushed me around and pushed me around. I think they had be go through the same steps 5 times. Guess what? I still have the 2 cameras and no warranty given. I have been buying their products since I think 2017 or 2018. It was soon after they first launched. I think I have/had just about one of every camera. I have also talked SOOOOO many people into getting a wyze cameras and I have installed probably over 100 for various people (never charged them, just helping people out). But oh well, what can I say. They make a good product. The next new thing they need to work on to perfect, is their customer service.

If the products are less than 1 year old and under warranty, I would contact them again on that same ticket and specifically request Warranty Replacement and an RMA Return Label.

They may send you thru some more troubleshooting scripts, but every response of yours needs to request Warranty Replacement and an RMA Return Label.

What was the issue with the cams?

Again, I’ve been with them a very long time. I know the warranty inside and out. I have requested it every single time and every single time they keep trying to tech-splain to me (I have two degrees in computer/IT related fields). And I tell them, every single time. And every single time I get the same push back and the same “ok sir I understand, but we need to do these steps before” answers. IDK it’s like groundhog Day every time

Sounds like you had a pretty bad experience. Having had to go back and forth 6-7 times would probably put me over the edge.

I have only had to do it 2-3 at most so maybe something changed somewhere. If you have the ticket number I think one of the mavens can help escalate your issue.

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Yes. There is a mechanism in place for me to Flag a Customer Service issue to someone within Wyze to see if they can assist in resolving it from the Corporate office. However, to do this I have to be able to describe the problem. To do that, I need some basic information that hasn’t been posted above:

  1. Ticket #
  2. Model of Cam(s)
  3. Purchase Date
  4. Description of the malfunction

Too late, you’re part of the Wyze family now. And they treat family like friends. So. :wink:

I so dislike chatbot habitrails…

…that I don’t think I’ve ever used it except to access email support.

Using a general search engine and good terms, both reddit and forum posts are returned - as well as Wyze help pages, youtube videos and blog entries posted to the greater blob.

You could do worse. :slight_smile: