What customer support?

I spent almost an hour on the phone, called the support phone number after trying the Live Chat (but there ISN’T a Live Chat on the support page!).

So I gave up on the support phone number when I found the main office phone number. I figured I’d call that number and leave a message and have someone contact me about my issue.
Surprise! The office phone number goes to the same line as the support number!

Then, I did a google search for contact email addresses for Wyze. Pretty amazing, that they don’t list a contact email, isn’t it? I found references to “Support@Wyze.com”. Great! Just what I’m looking for!
I wrote a long, detailed, email explaining my issue, included my contact information, and asked for someone to get back to me.

What I got was an automated reply, saying that “Support@Wyze.com” is NOT MONITORED!
No one there is going to read my email. No one from Wyze is going to contact me.

Really? Is this any way to run a company? Since hearing about Wyze, I’ve bought two cameras, headphones, the robot vacuum, the doorbell, and door lock. I was in the process of ordering the gun safe when I found my problem.

I’m really disappointed. I wish there was a way to let the people who run the company know how much it hurts their relationship with the customer base when they treat us like this. Maybe they don’t know, relying on their staff to handle support. Maybe they do know and they just don’t care.

Welcome to the community @cfmill3r , sorry to hear you are having issues.

As you may know, this is a user community. With that said, Can you let us know what problem you have found or are experiencing?