Customer service sucks part 2

Posting here in hopes someone better than the [Mod Edit] customer service people can put their eyes on this. Have an open ticket for over a week and I just keep going from person to person to person to person with no help, I need someone competent!!! Please someone at wyze step in before it’s too late!

Ticket #793637
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Hello @Xesvuli420, I am sorry you are not having a good experience with customer service. This is primarily a user to user community but WYZE emplyees come through every so often. I will try to get @WyzeGwendolyn to look at this and see if they can help you in any way.


I’m grateful for any help I can get, I’m not getting any with those useless wizards, Such a waste of time. Thank you sir for being here! Crossed fingers for sure!

I also deleted the post you made in the other thread since it was an old thread and I have directed help to come here.


I appreciate it, after posting it I decided it would probably be best to get somebody’s attention on a new post instead of the hijack, I was just desperate. Apologize for posting twice but hopefully you can understand my frustration after waiting a week for decent help.

Thanks again for all your help!

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Any chance you think she will see this before Friday?

Yep I’m feeling good about possibly today

I’m sorry, this is an issue that I don’t have the access level needed to help with. The email address isn’t something I think can be changed at this point (though I’d be happy to be wrong) and I don’t have access to the systems for the registration issue you’re running into. I’ll send your ticket number to someone else to see if they recommend your ticket be addressed in a different way but won’t make promises on that front.

Thanks for calling me in, Jason!


Well how about help me understand why the wizards are so useless? I must have 6 or so attached to my ticket promising to get me fixed up only to disappear into the darkness? I’ve never seen such an awful bunch of people calling themselves help. I’ve never had such a poor experience in my entire life. Sorry for the rant, but anyone that’s dealt with this much wasted time would surely agree. Should I just give up on anyone at wyze being worth a crap or is there someone out there that can actually do something beside make empty promises? Again, sorry for the rant, but damn, I need somebody to actually help.

Thanks for any help you can actually get me!!

Great product but abysmal customer support. Ordered 2 V3’s today, Confirmation came back showing purchases for 1 V2 and 1 V3. Immediately spoke to customer service rep and supervisor and was told the V2 (that I did not order) was already processed (within less than an hour) and could not be cancelled. Was told to try and return it when you receive it. Will be easier for me to have my credit card issuer dispute the charges than wade through the WYZE return procedures.

Did they give you any type of ticket number?

Yes, Ticket # 842232.
Thank you for asking!
Would you be interested in hearing a bit more about what transpired to better understand why I considered the support “abysmal”? There is in my opinion, a larger systemic problem.
Bruce Dikeman

I do not actually work for Wyze, however I am going to try and forward your information to someone who does and see what happens. They will probably want more info if I can get them here. Not guaranteeing anything but I will see what I can do.

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Thanks Jason. Wasn’t sure who you were and your relationship with Wyze. Would be good if someone at Wyze would reach out to improve customer svc.
Bruce Dikeman

Hi, Bruce!

My name is Gwendolyn and I work for Wyze. Jason is one of our community volunteers that help us keep this forum running smoothly.

I’ll send your ticket over to the team for QA although I can confirm that I would have expected your v2 (acknowledged that it was not what you meant to order) would have processed very quickly. We aren’t able to cancel orders at that point because of the warehouse processes being difficult to override. We apologize for the poor experience you had and, as I said, I’ll share it with the team.


Thanks for contacting me Gwendolyn
I can understand about the timeline preventing a product from being recalled once the shipping process has been initiated. But that is not really the point that bothers me…it is that thus far, no one at Wyze has been inclined to make amends for the additional time and trouble that this processing error has created for me.
There has been no offer to expedite or assist me with the return process. Your web site thus far has not been user friendly in getting this return and refund processed. Gwendolyn, look at it from my perspective, if you can. First, I did not order an older model camera (V2) when you had just rolled out a newer model. I had clicked on the Wyze email advising me how to order the new V3, and thought I was getting 2.

And given the steps required of me to return this product, don’t you think it would be far easier for me to contact my credit card issuer and simply tell them to dispute the charge because I did not order this product? If Wyze is truly “sorry for the inconvenience” then what are you doing, if anything, on your end to mitigate the inconvenience that you have caused?
I’m finished ranting, but it has really tainted the pleasure I experienced when I first set up the previous cameras that I purchased and marveled how well everything worked at such an affordable price. But I am now paying for something I didn’t bargain for. I would appreciate any additional comments or suggestions that you may have. Thank you.
Bruce Dikeman

I’m sorry, that’s not my area of the company so I cannot make promises. But I did send this link over to the QC lead so that she could take a look and improve our support practices with the information you provided.

I had the same problem thought I ordered a v3 and ended up with v2 that is not what I thought I was ordering!

Fast to get your money but when there is a problem no one wants to be responsible.

Have called 3 days in a row to have them send a return shipping label. “Will e-mail it to you immediately”. Still waiting.