Lack of customer service-no reply since 5/12

Anyone have any idea what happened to their customer support? Somebody named Sarah was trying to help then just disappeared on 5/12. I’ve updated their ticket a few times and nothing back. Even reached out to a Jason from an earlier ticket and being completely ignored. No option to call them for me so that’s not an option. They used to be so good but this has me infuriated. Trying to be patient but this lack of support has gone too far. Anyone have a direct email address for someone there?

Please post your support ticket number in this thread, and I will try to get someone to contact you.

Hey I got a reply yesterday from Beverlyn who did apologize and said it was being escalated to tier 2 but no timeframe for when they’d be in touch. Tickets are 224633 and 230896. Thanks for the offer to help!

I’m not a Wyze employee. All mods are volunteers and customers, just like you. That said, I don’t have access to your tickets. Please keep in mind, Wyze is working through a two week backlog of tickets, and are striving hard to get caught up. Since you have been contacted already, I’ll leave it at that. That’s all I was trying to make sure of.