Wyze Help takes a week to reply, Then I get

I had one reply ,then , 3 days later I get.
" If we don’t hear back from you in the next 24 hours our system will automatically close your request"
Anyone else experiencing this type of thing ?

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Yes, I think there is some automation system sending that out and I couldn’t say which of my tickets it was related to. It was weird, because I was replying.

I’m pinging Wyze on this to find out what’s happening here. Can you please provide your ticket number, @HDRock?


I think support is really backed up and this may be an alert sent to you via email just in case you solved the problem before tech support contacts you. It is to save their team time so they are not chasing problems which no longer exist in order to try to relieve the backlog. Genuine problems which still exist are a simple email contact away. This would be my guess.

Hope this helps,




Sorry about this! Tuna is correct about why the automation exists. But even if your ticket ends up closed, you can reply at any point to re-open it. Though if you replied to it in the couple of days before you received that email it shouldn’t have sent to you. May I please have your support ticket numbers so I can investigate, @HDRock and @OverWatch?

That’s what I thought, so I wasn’t too worried. I think I have only two tickets opened ever, one was when the shortcuts weren’t working and I was told to delete my shortcuts and then my app when it wasn’t on our end at all. :slight_smile: The other Tao ended up taking over and closing the ticket. I’m good. I was just commenting that they were probably automated.

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Sorry about the issue with the Shortcuts ticket! Glad we were able to get that sorted out after that point. :slight_smile:

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There was a reason I didn’t reply to that one. :roll_eyes:

-snorts- Yeah, that makes sense. Again, sorry for that one!

OK well, If That was an automated message then that makes sense and not such a big deal .
I did Reply to it last night [Wyze Ticket 116517] and I ran the Route This app again And included the key In the message
I probably shouldn’t have even posted this here , I’ve been sick And I guess I’m kinda grumpy , I apologize for that .

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick. I get grumpy when I’m sick, too. :slight_smile:

If you replied to the email then you should be set.

I hope you feel better soon, HDRock!

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Thanks Gwendolyn

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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I too have had my active ticket closed without proper responce. Enough times I finally gave up.

Hello @Yorlik, do you have a ticket number?

Thanks for asking.

RE: [Wyze Ticket 155386] Re: ALL 10 cameras will not connect via

cell 44G but do with local wifi

My last try to get you guys to look at it was sending complete logs

as requested (2 times)…

  1.     in last month you guys changed something and improved

connectivity: last night my V1 & V2 cameras connected via
cell data at home with home wifi turned off! NONE OF MY PANs

  1.     today, one V2 connects, other does not, neither do any of the

V1s or pans.

  1. So still an issue.
    I would appreciate any help you can give!

Attached is copy of a few of my past emails on this issue…

(Attachment past ticket 155386 .html is missing)

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.html past email attachment rejected, so trying to send again with
past email thread at very bottom of this instead…

Yes, received the same thing, now it’s been escalated to the next tier and it’s radio silence. I’ve asked for a response, and haven’t heard a thing.

Hello @Yorlik, thank you for that, I went ahead and sent this over directly to a Wyze team member and you should be hearing from them soon. :grin:

These people are the worst!!!