Wyze keeps shipping me duplicate order products

I keep receiving about $100 worth of products. Wyze keeps shipping me home monitoring products that are duplicates of what I ordered in October 2021. I have received two deliveries over the past 2 weeks. Their fulfillment system is broken. The automated and Philippine based customer care is ineffective. I have invested more than 2 hours on the phone trying to return this stuff. I give up. My confidence is being shaken. I saw the video they released after securing new funding promising better care and shipping. I hope what I’m experiencing isn’t their new improved version. As far as I can tell they haven’t charged me so I guess the new business model is to give product away. By doing it more than once I guess they hope hope to use volume to overcome negative margins. I give up trying to get an RMA label to return these two shipments. I wonder if I’ll be getting anymore.

Legally you’re under no obligation to rectify their mistake. Receipt of unsolicited items is considered a gift.

Whatever the outcome of your attempts do not invest any money in returning the items (postage/shipping costs, gas to drive to post office, etc.) Wyze should cover all costs associated with having the products picked up at whatever location is convenient for you.


That’s a strange one. If you have not yet I would strongly get a support ticket number that way there is a record that you attempt to return them.

I actually had something similar with Microsoft and I made every attempt to return the extra product and they did not seem to have an interest in taking it back.


Congratulations! :tada: You have won a Gadget of The Month Subscription!

Check your spam folder… You were probably notified in one of those marketing emails.

So… Sell it online. OR… Better yet, keep it to replace your Brickware when the next FW update comes out.

OH… Welcome to the community @Boomer! We’re not all crazy! I promise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to the forums! Can you post your ticket number that you got from Support in here and I can send it on? How was your support call ineffective? Thanks in advance!

If you get stuck with them, please consider sending me one as a gift. I will pay the shipping.