Customer Service rrefusing to refund me

I purchase an order on Dec 1st. Wyze claims they shipped using Door Dash, but the tracking number never existed and the package was never delivered. The offered a replacement order on Dec 8th and claim it was sent through Whilst. Again, the TN does not exist and the package is lost.

They told me I’d get a refund and that the orders team would contact me in 24 hours, but that was 4 days ago. No one gives a clear answer and the agents don’t have the authority to process a refund.

There go 200 bucks down the drain.

Welcome @fjsaavedrag

do you have a ticket number?

Several. This is the last one: Wyze Ticket 3529297

Thanks, will try to get some eyes on this for you


Be careful. TForce will say one thing on their tracking site and then change the information later. I realized this and started screenshoting the tracking. They said they attemped 3x when they attempted once and for weeks it was in their facility. It is so unfortunate that Wyze uses TForce!

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