Refund needed for bad order

We have tried to contact Wyze over and over again. Bought 1 thermometer and charged for 5. Need a refund! How in the world do you reach this company?

Have you created a support ticket yet with Support? Here is the ticket link.. Sorry for the problems! I’ll send a note up to get some response for you.

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Three times I’ve contacted no support. Have received an email saying my request has been received. Never any follow up.

Do you have your order number? Can you post that in here too, thanks!

It’s helpful to post your support ticket numbers too.

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My most recent previous ticket number was 598630. It only got as far as acknowledging receipt of my request. We are looking for the order number.

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Order number


I have a screenshot from my credit card statement showing how I got charged five times but I can’t post it here.

No need to post CC info. @WyzeGwendolyn will look into it at some point.

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Thanks for the tag!

I don’t have the access needed to address this one but I’ll send your case over to the team, @jetbugs. We apologize for the multiple charges!