Still no refund

I still haven’t received my refund for an order that was returned a month ago.

Do you have an order number? Have you made a support ticket yet? Was this a purchase from the Wyze website?
Can you post those numbers in the thread here and I’ll send the info up and try and get some answers for you. Here is the support ticket link.. Sorry about the issues, let’s get some answers for you. Thanks in advance!

I will get someone from WYZE to look into this but as Omgitstony asked, do you have an order number or support ticket number that they will be able to look for?

I am sorry you have experienced issues and hopefully we can get them resolved soon.

It was purchased through the Wyze Site and paid for through Amazon Pay.

Order Number P01-0097069-1836118,

I had purged some emails back at the beginning of May, so I don’t have the Ticket Number associated with the return. But, I followed the process and printed the label and returned it to UPS.

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I’m sorry, that looks like a payment number and I’m not able to search using that. Do you have another number associated with this order? It may start with 001 or 002.

The first number was the Amazon Pay order number.

The Wyze Order number is 001616658


Sorry for my delay! I went to refund this and see that it was refunded earlier this week. If you don’t see the refund in your account yet, you should see it early next week.