Refund order

Hi there, I ordered twice on 5th May and the transaction go through from my credit card. However, The customer support told me the order was declined.

order number: 002359009 / 002359888
So far I still didn’t receive the refund, please kindly check if you will refund it accordingly or not?

Hello @xieqianyu and welcome to the community.

Could you also post your WYZE support ticket number and I will see if I can get someone to look into this for you.


Hello Jason,

Thank you for your response, the Wyze Ticket 581175. Looking forward to hearing from you

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Oooh… I don’t think I can take care of this one on my own. I’ll call for reinforcements. Sorry for the order trouble!

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Looks like this was already refunded today. Depending on your bank, you should see your refund in 2-5 business days. :slight_smile:

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