How do I contact someone about a Refund for an item that was never successfully ordered, yet I was successfully charged for?

Hello @robin_casley and welcome to the community.

I am sorry this has happened, do you have any type of order number you could post and I will get someone to look into it tomorrow.


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Unfortunately I don’t. The order never went through on my end. I got an error message.

Ok, i will still get someone from WYZE to look into this tomorrow, they will probably have to ask more personal things than I am willing to since I do not work for them I am just a volunteer who is helping get attention to the right people.

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Aw, shoot. Without an order number, I can’t really dig it up. Have you contacted customer support about this? I’d recommend calling tomorrow, if you have time.


Alternatively, you can send in a ticket:

Wyze Customer Support