Getting no help on lost order

How can I talk with someone about my order that seems to be lost ? Support emails never get responded to.

Call support on the phone tomorrow. 206-339-9646 or 1-844-999-3226 4 AM to 8 PM Pacific time. I have had good luck calling about 9:00 AM. Have your order number handy.


Had you started a support ticket and you were responding to those emails? Straight emailing support without being without in the ticket system already is unmonitored, you need to contact support via the phone @Antonius posted, or though web chat on the support website to start the process. I have had good luck with phone help, the most I’ve waited on hold was maybe 20 mins.

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Thanks for the help

Thanks, online support chat just replies “someone will get back to soon"

If you get no where with Wyze support, if you paid by Credit Card call them and explain you never received items and the company is of no help resolving issue. Your Credit Card company will refund your money.