How to get help

Anyone tried to get ahold of wyze directly. I returned an item for refund but no response for a month. Return ticket says inactive when I try to reply to original ticket. Going thru support site it keeps saying to re-word my question because its automated and can’t find a catagory. And I tried them all. Just hv simple question…What is status of my return?..

Update: found direct phone number so I will try calling instead.

That’s the best approach. My experiences with calling have been good. The customer service person creates a ticket and all follow up is with that person. Has worked well for me. Good luck :+1:t2:

I had quick turnaround to a warranty exchange this last week using a direct message on Twitter

Thx ,yea a little disappointed with support site though. Probably has option for chat during business hours but would think there would still be a way to email my topic…Thx for quick response.

I’ve found out that a phone call works best. 1-844-999-3226 5 AM 6PM Pacific M-F

I would definitely try calling. Let me know how it goes!

Yea I called today and even though they could not get in touch with department that could solve, they are working on it. I think it will be solved. But as far as this post goes, yes, phone 844-999-3226 is the best way to resolve this. Thx

So refund is on the way. So with nonrefundable shipping fee it cost me $16 to early order a nonworking product. I think its time ,like others have said, to dial it back on supporting the Wyze cause. Some things are just not right with this company in the last couple years. But person was nice on the phone and got the ball rolling even though they dropped the ball originally. Thx for everyone’s input