Where are the Wyze reps?

So, like many of us, I purchased the black friday cam plus deal last week. Much to my dismay, I never got a receipt or coupon code for the “free” cameras. So, I start a ticket… Ask about the licenses and coupon code… Just when I think I’m getting somewhere… They stop communicating. So, I open another ticket, same issues… Just when I think I’m getting somewhere… They stop communicating. I open another ticket, same issues, I get an email that says I’ll help… Then ghosted again…

I finally ask for my order to be cancelled and refunded, they immediately respond no problem, but you won’t get a refund… Wait what?

What’s going on with customer service?


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Call them.

Phone: (206) 339-9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


They won’t refund it because of fraud issues. The code they think they sent is still valid and so it would make a bunch of fraudsters order, get the code, then cancel and refund and Wyze is out all that capital on a product that only has 3% margins. So in the deal they said they will not give refunds for this deal for any reason.

It appears that where they really screwed up was in not having a way to resend the same code if there was a problem. So now they’re stuck figuring out what to do if someone legitimately didn’t get their code. If they issue a new one then the first one is still out there and valid and screwing with their projections, especially if it gets used and then they’re out twice as much. If they don’t send a new one, then the customer gets screwed and is very angry. I believe a couple of people said they finally got Customer Service to cancel and credit them back, but still leave them as ineligible to redo it, so like Angus said, try calling.


This feels like a recurring theme.
Wyze or any other company shouldn’t be allowed to come up with a CYA policy that protects them against their own stupidity while screwing customers.


Also tariffs really hurt Wyze bottomline still they don’t increase V3 price. Ordered all their preorders, except the vacuum, to support them!

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I have over 50 Wyze devices. I love Wyze in general, but I would never order something on preorder to support them. I order something of theirs for myself, not for them. I may order preorder out of trust or excitement or something, but not out of support (I have very definitely not ordered a few of their products). They have to earn it, not get pity or “support” charity from me. :slight_smile: …and for the most part, they have earned my moderate loyalty…I still have failsafes in place with other companies (like 3 eufy cams). Still, I understand the point you were making, and agree with the spirit of what you said, I am there for the most part too. I really wish they’d let me betatest stuff, but they won’t allow me to because I don’t use Facebook. Been waiting forever for them to move it out of Facebook like they keep saying they intend too…

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Wait no longer! :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t need Facebook to be a Beta or hardware tester. A new testing platform was launched earlier this year. Wyze is now using Centercode platform for testing.

See #roadmap link here. Stop Requiring Facebook For Beta Testing

Sign up here. :point_down:
Become a Beta Tester


Can you tell me when you started your various support tickets and post the ticket numbers?


Thanks, apparently I am already signed up through there, just never chosen I guess. I swear I read a bunch of comments recently about testing still being done on Facebook…several posts just last week telling people to go report something wasn’t working right in the Facebook beta group instead of on here or something…that indicates to me the testing is still very strongly Facebook oriented…

It’s all good. I am not entitled to be a tester, and it makes sense to choose people in many different locations, and they already have Jason (and others) here in my state that they frequently use, so I’d keep using him too, and look for others in other locations too. :wink: Will be excited if I ever get to help out; though sometimes it’s nice being free to say whatever I want with any speculation, etc on products…if I was ever a beta tester, I’d have to keep quiet on such things…come to think of it, I’m surprised Wyze doesn’t choose me to test just to both bribe me and shut me up with the NDA’s! :rofl:

Thanks, it’s good to hear maybe I have a chance of beta testing some day in the near future then if they are doing more outside of facebook…last I heard it seemed like it was still pretty Facebook central, and since I listed in my application that I do not have Facebook, I was sure that is a major reason why I’d been passed over all year.

There is still the software beta testing that is done on Facebook, the hardware testing I believe has been switched for any new products but there may be some stragglers that started beta prior to migrating to CenterCode


Interesting. Thanks for the clarifications, both of you. I look forward to possibly some day being able to help out without Facebook. I love doing product testing, usability/usertesting/QA testing, etc. and get paid professionally, freelance, to do it, but would just be happy to do it without pay for Wyze :slight_smile: Testing can be so much fun.

I’m glad to hear it’s more concretely moving out of Facebook recently.

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I have had issues with the customer service more times than I can say. In the past year, I would say that not one issue has been resolved I have submitted. I use to only vouch for Wyze, the customer support and price. Now, I can only support prices. Although the new promo for the new cam with a subscription is such a way to show the love for loyal customers. Lol. Gotta love it.

Have you tried Wyze Live Telephone Support at +1 (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT, & Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT (add 3 hours for ET times)?



I’ve tried called a few times and you a;;ways wait on hold for at least 15 minutes. They’re hoping you get discouraged and hang up. NOT GOOD

Agree, they seems to start to help, but when you need something you are ignored like a POS

Weird, I believe you, but my experience is very different. Every time I’ve called, I get answered really quickly, like almost immediately. Maybe I just call at the right time of day or something, but they’ve always gotten to me really fast and been really helpful. Sorry you’ve had some bad experiences with it.

I just got the new Pixel 5, and now if I’m on hold for something, I can tell Google to handle it and just alert me when the hold is up, so I don’t have to pay attention to hold times anymore. It’s awesome…I just go about doing whatever I want, and Google will alert me and transcribe onto my screen anything that was said that I missed before I pick up from hold. Awesome new feature…not sure if it is Pixel Specific, or an Android 11 option, but I love it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out. I just called and got through right away. While on the phone I replied to the email with what was needed so supposedly they are making good on it, I hope.

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That’s good to hear. It seems like it must make a big difference what time of day we call them then, though you’d think they’d have data showing when there peak hours are and just schedule more people to have shifts during that time. In college I worked a customer service call center job, and sometimes they’d offer us an extra $X an hour if we picked up a couple of extra hours during a couple of peak hours (they didn’t want to hire new employees to have a full shift, when they didn’t need them for 90% of the shift and so the rest of that shift would be wasted money…they only needed extra people during a specific couple of hours, and nobody wants a job for just 2 hours a day, so they’d just pay us extra money and other rewards if we came in for some extra hours. Worked out pretty well for everyone that way. Wyze could try that to reduce call volume.

Of course this is what u would say. Lol