Horrible Customer Support

1 month ago (March 29), my discount for the Cam Plus that was supposed to last until August 2021 errantly disappeared. I contacted customer support - who has proceeded to ignore me for the last 30 days and close my ticket without resolution. Today, I have again been errantly charged $5.97 for 3 cams ($1.99 per cam) instead of the correct $1.49 per cam. This is the worst customer support I have ever experienced from a company - Covid is a BS excuse for a profit-making company to hide behind.

Ticket 1133330

The last I heard from anyone at Wyze was:

(02:54:01 PM) Mary L.: I will be reaching out to the team to look into this further. For now, I am going to move our conversation to email. They will send you a follow-up email. What would be the best email to contact you at?

Never got a follow-up email (not even in spam.) Tried to reply to the email again today, and got the auto “ticket closed” response. Totally ignored and blown-off by Wyze.

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Sorry to hear about your poor experience with support.

I have sent your support ticket number up the chain so it can be escalated.

Been a part of the community for a long time, just never needed to post before. However, thank you.

They actually closed my ticket and never responded at all; so that ticket number is “closed” according to the email bot when I try to respond to the emails. The initial contact with customer support was back on March 29/30, 2021. The online chat with Mary/Wyze was on March 30, 2021 and moved to email then. I gave them an entire month being patient - no email or any contact from Wyze, at all, in any manner - not even to tell me “who cares closing your ticket.” Just found out today they close the ticket when I actually tried to contact them to get a progress update, today.

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So late at night, Monday, May 03, 2021, I get an email from Neil with Wyze… Completely ignored are my 3 cameras that are supposed to be getting the Complete Motion Capture to Cam Plus Upgrade Discount ($1.49/camera until August 2021.) Instead he just mentions my latest (fourth camera) Cam v3 that I got an annual plan for; and claims it has its 10% discount, doesn’t see a problem, and basically tells me cased closed.

This is getting f’ing ridiculous with the lack of basic reading comprehension at Wyze; when multiple times, over and over, I keep telling them it’s about the THREE CAMERAS ON THE MONTHLY CAM PLUS SUBSCRIPTION THAT ARE BEING INCORRECTLY CHARGED $1.99 / MONTH WHEN THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DISCOUNTED TO $1.49 / MONTH.

I’ve even forwarded them the original email from Wyze, from which here is the quoted paragraphs that are pertinent:

Any cameras you had enrolled in Complete Motion Capture at the time of this roll-out have been automatically upgraded at no additional cost to you for the next 12 months until August 2021 - you just need to upgrade your cameras’ firmware .

Beginning in August 2021, your subscription will automatically renew at $1.99/month unless you cancel your subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period or update to an annual plan. You can cancel your subscription at any time from your Subscriptions page or by contacting us.

It is NOT August 2021 - YET.

Now I did purchase a fourth, new camera when the new Cam v3 were released - and I did buy an annual plan for this camera. HOWEVER, if Wyze is going to take away the discount on my previous three Complete Motion Capture cameras because I purchased an annual plan for a fourth, new camera… I understood that upgrading my existing three cameras to an annual plan would cancel their respective discount, but common sense leads one to understand that NEW purchases and subscriptions for NEW devices would have NO impact on pre-existing stuff.

That’s penalizing your customer for giving you more business. That’s a horrible, shady, deceptive (and in my State, the State of Kansas, a highly illegal) business practice.

This has now been resolved; I was informed that somehow my discount got unapplied, had to be reapplied, and that I should, soon, see a refund of the over-billed amount.

Bro, all this over $1.50?