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Jhasua P. (Wyze)

May 11, 2022, 9:54 AM PDT


I contacted Wyze TWICE through different methods(phone and chat) and told you that someone placed an UNAUTHORIZED $324.72 order for a robotic vacuum and I alerted you to this but Wyze took no action and that order still is on my account:

UNAUTHORIZED Order history:

| — | — | — | — | — |
May 4, 2022|Paid|Fulfilled|$324.72 USD|

WHY isn’t WYZE company (can hardly call it that) taking SECURITY more seriously instead of blaming the victims ?

I notified you about this unauthorized order WHILE IT was still pending and had not shipped, but you did NOTHING…WHY?

This is going to be DELIVERED TODAY to the scammers and WYZE apparently couldn’t care less, because they have not stopped it:



If this whole thing is just a screwup on WYZE’s computer records system, then they might not cancel this order. But WHY is it still on my account and WHY is it addressed to MY NAME with the scammers address? If this is the case then what would keep WYZE systems from being breached…NOTHING. HEY, that’s an idea, lets have lax security and no verification on our computer systems so that all our customers data can be stolen and the crooks can listen into every Wyze cam on this planet…great idea!!

KATY TX 77449
United States

20911 Wheat Snow Ln
KATY TX 77449
United States


Payment method
ending with 2430

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Hello @CaptainKirk , whlie I do not officially represent or work for Wyze (I am a forum volunteer user), I will pass your information and request on to Wyze so this can be looked into to see why things have not been resolved in the way you are requesting, or what steps have been taken on this issue.


I see that this has been escalated in Support. You should hear something soon.

In the mean time, I hope you changed your Wyze account password and made sure the 2 factor authorization is turned on.


I did before I contacted Wyze, but more than likely this is a WYZE computer system screwup…even when they added fake addresses to my account…of course WYZE will NOT tell me if the CC used matches the addresses…but no scammer would use their home address


And…N OTHING has been fixed or addressed, other than a moderator sending me an email that said this issue was “escalated”. But I was told that the first two times and NOTHING happens.

This morning I gat another email saying this foolish stuff:

ORDER US-2901046

Your order is out for delivery

Your order is out for delivery. Track your shipment to see the delivery status.

Estimated delivery date: May 11, 2022

[Track my shipment]
or Visit our store

FedEx tracking number: 61299988861741292135

Items in this shipment

Wyze Robot Vacuum Ă— 1


Go tobthat address and wait for the box then grab it

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Yeah, maybe, but that makes me no better than the crooks…but here is the location:
wyze location

Call the cop non-emergency number, tell them what happened, and give them that address… do that NOW…
Not only will they get in trouble for that purchase, but ANYTHING that involves the FEDERAL post office makes it the domain of the FBI…

Seriously call the non-emergency number for the cops in your area (they can pass it along to other states if the delivery is not in your state).

Someone else’s credit card was charged, right? Sounds like screw up with Wyze, but doesn’t seem like there is any kind of crime to contact the police about.


did you call the cops? because if you didn’t, thats on you.

Wyze support says “We have made adjustments on our end and we have also reached out to the rest of the Orders Team about this order. Please take note that we cannot disclose information regarding this unauthorized order and how our algorithm works. Rest assured that we’re closely looking into this matter. We highly suggest that you reach out to your credit card issuer and check your recent bank transaction. This way, they will also be notified and they can give you further assistance.”

Great. WYZ still thinks that I placed this order (blame the victim), because they want me to check with my credit card company. All Wyze has to do is LOOK at the NAME on the credit card number WYZE processed and they can SEE that IS NOT MY NAME, OR MY ADDRESS. The only way some OTHER PERSON placed that order on my account is FRAUD because I did not and have not ever let anyone use my Wyze account.

Get a new card,tell the card company its fraud,and get a refund i had it happen to me at big 5 sports

It wasn’t his card. He’s saying someone used their own card to send products to their address.

2 scenarios: someone logged into his wyze account, but used their own card info and address for the products OR there’s a glitch and someone else’s order is showing up on his account instead of their own.


I dont get why you are being so cranky about it.

  1. You say its not your card. Great, then your not paying for it.

  2. You complain that they asked you to check with your credit card company just in case. Great advise there, and they certinly can’t do it. Not their fault or problem.

  3. Complaining they won’t give you information about the details about the card matching the address. Of course not. Don’t blame Wyze, privacy regulations make disclosing that info to you illegal. Do you expect them to break the law to give you information on something you readily admit you didn’t pay for or order yourself?

  4. If they did give you the info, and you go and cobfront the person and one of you is killed in the confrontation, what do you think would happen to their company?

I simply do not understand what your major issue is here. YOUR not out a dime. Change your password and use 2 factor auth. People work for companies, those people make mistakes. Chances are it is a mixup somewhere along the line and unless I’m mistaken, that red “easy button” isnt real amd foxes take time.

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You must work at WYZE. You said in your wise points 3 and 4, that I complained about them not giving me credit card information. It looks like you are one of those people that always blames the victim. You better go back and read this again I never complained about any lack of somebody else’s credit card information. What I said was WYZE should have coding ,Or competent personnel in place to check their credit card information and they could easily see that the name and the address on the credit card used was not my account. How do suppose the CC and addresses got added to my account if no one actually accessed my account. … simple, this was an error by WYZE personnel over the phone or chat. I hope YOU don’t get the same. The point is let’s not make mistakes, again, for anyone else.

Hahaha. “Blame the victim”. What?!? What exactly are you a victim of? It wasnt your card, it wasn’t sent to you. The ONLY thing you are a victim of is having a random order pop up in your account. (OH NOOOOOOOOOOO…).

Pointing out 3&4 and pretending they have no relevance shows you have no interest in facts and would rather continue a rediculous tantrum simply because Wyze hasn’t resolved a problem/mistake promptly enough for YOUR liking. Companies CANNOT give you that information. You know how i know? My debit card was stolen and used to buy $15,000 worth of online products and services. I caught it the same night everything was charged when Ticket Master called and told me that my tickets were available at will call for a concert 1000 miles away from me. I called my bank got a list of pending charges and called every single place where a charge was made. They couldn’t give me single piece of information regarding the debit card, address of the purchasers address, or any other details regarding the correlation, or lack of correlation between the two. Not a single one. Why? Not because they are mean, not because they are incompetent, not because they are lazy, but because of government privacy laws. The ONLY thing they could do is attempt to cancel the order. Guess what, half were canceled and half were delivered because the order process had already started and sometimes its difficult to just stop them. Had i waited one day to make all of those calls, everything would have been fully processed, everything would have been sent out and it would have taken much longer to straighten out.

“How do suppose the CC and addresses got added to
my account if no one actually accessed my account.”

Gasp a mistake, well lets burn them at the stake than right? Shut them down immediately! Maybe you should write a book on how to make it through life without making any mistakes! It could be something as stupid as a number being off on identifying the account number that actually made the order. Chances are the buyer is a legit buyer using their own card and somehow that order was mistakenly attributed to your account. Some fixes take time and if it was fraud your not the victim the person whose credit card waa used is the victim. Now if it isnt fraud, the person whose credit card number was exposed to you has legit gripe. However this is just silly.

"I did before I contacted Wyze, but more than likely this is a WYZE computer system screwup…even when they added fake addresses to my account…

of course WYZE will NOT tell me if the CC used matches the addresses but no scammer would use their home address"

Sure reads as complaining about them not releasing private information.