Why is wyze not ethical enough to provide non AI/bot support?

I have no access to my account details. I received no confirmation on my pre-order. I love my wyze stuff, but this run as if scam, sparse intentionally by design vague, and lack of accountability, a cam app that is still dysfunctional after release, gives me pause how much longer they can act like some creepy fly by night used car salesman.

What details do you not have access to that you feel you should have? I just reviewed my account details and they seem to be very accessible?

Thanks for the quick response. Oh, no list of my stuff, I did not receive a confirmation of my preorder of Headphones. No way to know which of my cameras would be in the $1.99/month upgrade if I chose to do that. Which email Wyze is using to connect with me, my old email which is my account username or the email I’ve used for a year now.

So I’m a loyal wyze fan, whereas wyze is not loyal to me. no one home to help me sort this out. Why should I ever order or praise wyze again, when I’m treated like this. All the Best Thanks

If you go to:

Wyze Account Details

You will see the majority of what you just mentioned.

Unfortunately spam filters and other filters render emailed confirmations less than reliable. This is common to all vendors, some get through, some end up in our Spam or Junk Mail folders and some go into the great bit bucket.

But if you call or open a support ticket they can confirm your order for you.

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If you did not log in when you pre-ordered, then it won’t show under your orders. I had that happen once, and realized I hadn’t logged in before purchasing.

From the Wyze account screen on their website I can see my email address and my recent orders (I blocked my info out in blue to screenshot them here).

The 1.99 upgrade is that for cam plus or is that for pay what you want person detection?

If you signed up for cam plus, once you subscribe you go to the Wyze app and that’s where you choose the camera(s) to use with the subscription. It’s one subscription per camera. So if you want that on multiple cameras, you’ll need to subscribe for each camera individually.

Do you mean Cam Plus? All V2, Pan and now Outdoor Cams are able to use Cam Plus. You can buy as many subscriptions as you like. You can actually buy more subscriptions than the cameras you have.

You can’t change the email address on your account so do you have two accounts? If so you should receive email on both and receipts to whichever one you used to log in when you made a purchase.
The forum account is not linked to your WYZE user account.

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OK, thank you. when I try to access my account, the page is blank. All the best.

Thanks, But when I open Manage my account, I get a blank page with Wyze Header. and I am not offered any contact options, email or phone. Only Robo Chat that dosent speak English, only a search of keywords in the FAQ is all it offers. All the best Thanks.

Try using a different web browser.

Ah, That might explain as I use Firefox. Leme Check Thanks

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That’s it. it works. Wyze won’t allow me to use Last Pass, There was absolutely none of my prior purchases of Masks, Cameras, Preorder of Headphones. I’m tired of buying from a company that by design insists so hard on trying to make it difficult to interface with them. So oppisite from Amazon’s philosophy. Thanks for your help and All the Best. Your time as well as my time were wasted here as nothing was solved really as Wyze is to cheap to have customer service. Thanks again.

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Yeah, I suspect that you didn’t log into your account prior to purchasing. Sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful, but I don’t think it was a waste of my time.

All the best to you, as well.

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I use both Firefox and Lastpass on the WYZE site.
It seems as though at least some of the problems you are experiencing are unrelated to the WYZE site.


FWIW I use Bitwarden and Safari. No issues either.

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Maybe because it’s a Chinese company!!!

No, it’s not.
Also, how would that even be related to the topic?

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