Ability to Change Email Address

Add the ability to change the email address used for your account and devices!

I’ve accepted this topic into #wishlist and personally hope it gets accomplished.

That said, some background… Wyze has looked into this and found it to be more difficult than expected. I don’t know any further technical details, but would expect it may quite some time before this could get done. In the mean time, to change your email requires two things:

  1. Create a new Wyze account with the new email and re-setup all your devices to that new account. (I know that’s painful.)

  2. For the forum, make a request to change your forum email by sending a personal Message to @moderators.


It would be best if your team gets it right from ground up. I’m not aware of any other account setups that are so hardwired to the email address. I used the workaround and did the setup all over. However, I’m losing my history.
People do change their email adresses.


I’d agree, this is basic web app functionality. Seems crazy to have to set up a brand new account and transfer all the devices. Frustrating!


In the iOS app under account->profile picture (which also shows my email address)->Email->New Email Address

Doesn’t that functionality change the email address associated with the account?

Has anyone tried to change email address with the iOS app?

What version of the iOS app are you running (found in Account > About)?

App Version 1.5.65

That’s a very old version of the app that used to have a change email function. But it never worked right, and has been removed in the current app.

Thank you. Saved me front pulling my hair out. Wyze devs need to address this email address issue. People change email addresses all the time. I have 4 remote cameras that I can’t physically access but I need to change the email address for them. Grrrrrr…


I will try to see if I can get an update on the status of Wyze account email address change functionality. Last I heard, they were still working on it.


That’s the question.

@Lizzard323 (not sure if you were replying to me) Unfortunately, still no progress on this. For now the only option is to create a new account and set up your devices to that account. For the forum, ask a moderator to change your forum email address.


My cameras are 950 miles apart. It is absolutely ridiculous to have to fly over to set them up from scratch. I’m beginni g to wonder if replacing my Logitech with Wyze was wise. At least I was able to initiate email notifications with an attached snapshot… here I cant even get my notifications to work in android.

I have to agree that this functionality is pretty basic and should be available. I really don’t know what the technical obstacles are to implementing it.

I will ping some Wyze employee and see if any of them can provide some more background here.



I have been successfully pinged! But I honestly don’t know much about the technical barriers. We did have this kind of implemented in the past. The reason I say “kind of” is because it looked like you could make these changes through the app but it didn’t actually function. We ended up pulling that when we didn’t find a way to make it function and it was becoming a problem for people understandably expecting that functionality. Last I heard, we would like to have this someday. But I don’t know what all that will take.


Thank you, see me previous reply :smiley:

Wow. I wish I knew when I created the account that I would have to stick with the e-mail address until… The need to change an e-mail address should have been anticipated and planned for at the start. I am VERY disappointed something that should have been so easy has become a nightmare (close enough). This really should be given a high priority!


After the latest security breech that compromised our email address.

Wyze should reconsider re-adding the ability to change our email in preparation if users need an easier fix.

Instead of having to redo the entire Wyze cam system from new again, cams, bridges and all sensors … just saying.

I had to redo it one time already !

sign…the newbie.