How to change email?

Where do I go or how to change my main email?

Hi Enrique,
Welcome to the forums!!! Unfortunatley it looks like there is not currently a way to do this, below is a link for you to vote for this feature to be added in the future. Here are the current options from forum moderator Loki:

  1. Create a new Wyze account with the new email and re-setup all your devices to that new account. (I know that’s painful.)
  2. For the forum, make a request to change your forum email by sending a personal Message to @moderators.
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Steve is correct. The ability to change your Wyze account email got turned off because it wasn’t working right. They are working on a replacement but have not gotten it working yet.

If #1 above is too difficult, then you can try submitting here: Support Request and see if support can do it manually. If you try that, please come back and let us know here on the forum.

In either case, I can change the forum email for you. Just send me a Personal Message (just click my username and then Message).