Email address

I changed the email address in my account details but continue to receive emails at the old email address. Is there a way to fix this?

There are two places to change the email address:

  1. Click My Account at the top, then Account Details.
  2. Click My Profile (from a forum page), then Edit. There you will see separate Username and Email fields. The Email field goes along with the one in #1, but the Username is independent. You probably need to change both. Also, if you email address is in the Nickname field, you should change that to some non-email name.
EDIT: I see that the Username and Email fields in the My Profile section (#2 above) are not editable, but only one changes when you change your email in My Account (#1) above. This might be a problem with the forum setup. I'll loop in the Wyze forum chief and see if he can comment.

Thanks RickO for highlighting this! I’ll get the team to take a look at this, meanwhile can you drop an email to on which email address you’d like to change to, and address it to Mary? We’ll see how we can help change this manually for the time being.

Not to be a me-too, but…me too.

Just discovered that (maybe from a fault of my own) that my forum username IS my email, meaning that every post I ever make has my obfuscated email address in the URL.

Any chance of editing this (by getting those fields unlocked) would be very appreciated.