Managing your Wyze Account and Forum Email

With the release of Wyze app version 2.16, users may now change their Wyze Account email address. In conjunction with this, we have unlocked the ability to change your forum email address. While most users will want these two email addresses to be the same, they may be different if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I change my Wyze Account email address?

Your Wyze Account email address can be changed in the Wyze app. For details on how to do this, see this link Changing Your Wyze Account Email Address. After changing your Wyze Account email address, you will need to log in again on all devices.

  • What does changing my Wyze Account email affect?

You will use your new Wyze Account email address to (1) log into the Wyze app on all devices, (2) log into the website at, AND (3) log into the Wyze Community Forum.

  • What does changing my Wyze Account email NOT affect?

Nothing about your Wyze Account is affected. Your Wyze devices and subscriptions remain connected to your account. However, if you have forum email notifications enabled, these will continue to go to your old email address until you also change your email address in forum Preferences.

  • Then why does the app tell me that I need to do something will all my devices?

When you change your Wyze email address, you will be given a warning message that you will need to log in with the new email address on all devices. In this context, “devices” is referring to your phones and tablets that have the Wyze app installed. Your Wyze devices (eg. cameras, bulbs, etc.) are not affected.

  • How do I change my forum email address?

To change your forum email address, click your avatar at the top right of any forum page, then the person icon and Preferences. On the Account Preferences screen, click the gear icon next to your email address. You will receive a confirmation email at the new email address with a link to confirm the new address.

  • If my forum email address isn’t used for logging into the forum, what is it used for?

Your forum email address is used to send you email notifications of forum activity (if enabled in the forum Preferences). It is also the email address from which you may reply-by-email to forum email notifications. Replies from other email addresses will be rejected.

  • When changing my forum email address, I see a link called “Add Alternate Email." What’s up with that?

You can add an alternate forum email address from which forum reply-by-email will also be accepted. The alternate email will not receive forum notifications nor be used for login.