Change Email

I currently have 9 cameras and I have to change the email because I changed service providers.

I only have two weeks left before the email I used with the cameras become obsolete.

The web page says I can’t change the email through the web site.

I’m a bit confused because it also said I have to contact Wyze

Please help?

This says do it on the app but it is confusing to me.



Then there’s something about having to call Wyze?

Or something


Also something about changing the email in each camera?

The cams should not need any modification as they do not have an email address associated with them. That is an account level setting. Because you changed your account anchor, the email, you have to log out of the app after changing the email and then log back in with the new email in order to regain access to the cams. Any integrations associated with the old email have to be changed. Any “Pay With” accounts such as Amazon also need to be changed to the new email so that purchases are linked to the correct Wyze account.

Best bet is to get a free email address like Google that you can take anywhere.

To contact Wyze:

Wyze Customer Support
(206) 339-9646 or (581) 500-1166 (Canada)


Thank you SS

Does that include the Cam Plus acct?

It should include everything on your account: cams and subscriptions. It should also carry over to your and Wyze WebView logins as well.

See Response #7 below

Being able to change the login email on your account is a relatively new feature that Wyze added this year. It used to be next to impossible.

I haven’t had to deal with it and haven’t seen much feedback about how it reacts. You are one of the first I have seen to provide some feedback on the feature.

How does it feel to be a guinea pig? Let us know how the experience is. :grin:

That is one of the primary things you need to be concerned about. Tap the email field at Wyze app Home > Account > Account > Email and read the warning:

Your subscription services are tied to your email address. I don’t know if Wyze recently automated the process of reassignment, but Wyze Customer Support used to have to manually reassign your subscriptions to your new email address.

Call Wyze Customer Support, ask them about this and please report back.

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Great catch. That is the phone call that was mentioned. Edited response above.

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That’s the place where I saw you have to contact Wyze.

I’ll call customer support tomorrow to get the ball rolling.

Afterwards I’ll post a reply here, once I get it all worked out.



I first called Customer Support, per the number @SlabSlayer posted. She, Dani, changed the email on their end

I then changed the email in the app

She told me it could take up to three days, or so, in order for the new information to propagate for the Cam Plus subscription.

But it seems as though it was almost immediate and everything turned out great!


That is awesome! Going to bookmark your topic so it can help others do the same in the future!


So, I’m in the middle of this right now and I’m cautiously happy to report that so far, all worked without calling Wyze.
I went into the app, changed my email address and saw the warning about services. However, after changing the email address, and logging in with the new one on three devices, I don’t seem to have lost access to CamPlus or monitoring, that I can tell anyway. For example, I’m still getting new person detection events while logged into the new email address.

I’m not sure if I should call and have them do their thing or just leave it alone.

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Can you advise if this has persisted, or did it die and then you had to call in?

I need to switch emails and I’ve been dreading this interaction and process to the point where it’s literally the last service ive yet to switch over.

So far, after changing my email address, everything is seems to be working as it always had. I’m getting all my Cam-Plus events and notifications, Smart detection, and my home monitoring seems to be working, although I do keep it on test mode and don’t use Noonlight, so I’m not sure about that.

I did end up calling call tech support as a just in case and the person I spoke to said she wasn’t sure about what, if anything needed to be done. She said someone from the next level would email me, but I haven’t received that email or heard anything back yet.

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thanks for the update.

i tried to change my email, but it seems the one i am changing it to already exists as a registered email (I obviously own the email address). I can’t find a place online to delete the “new” email" so that i can then switch my old to the new.

I may have to login through the app i guess? awaiting CSR recommendations

I actually had that same exact problem. My Outlook email which is my new main email and the one I was going to change to already had an account. I made a Wyze account with it years ago to test something but forgot all about it. In my case, I have a 3rd email account, so I just switched to that one instead.

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So it seems I may have one issue with changing my email after all. Functionally, I can’t find anything wrong in the app or with the system, including Home Monitoring. However, it seems with Home Monitoring, my billing info didn’t transfer. It seemed to transfer fine for CamPlus, but for Home Monitoring, it says renewal date 1/05/24 but also says “We don’t have your billing info” and gives a link to fix it that goes to a 404 page when clicked. It had renewed fine several times prior to the email address change.

If I use my laptop and go to my account/services/ under the new email, it shows my home monitoring account, correct price, and the correct renewal date, but I can’t fix the billing while keeping my current subscription.

The problem with this is that I’ve been paying for HM since way back when they had the $60 per year billed semiannually, so if I try to update anything online, it wants me to select either $99 per year or $9.99 per month.

I left it alone and called Wyze support to try and fix it. After a long hold and talking to someone, she couldn’t do anything herself and said she would forward it to services or something like that and they would email me about it. So now I’ll wait I guess.

If I let it expire, I’ll probably lose my $60 per year subscription, so hopefully I’ll get it straightened out in time.