Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

I’ve been telling people that Wyze is putting out products that are not consumer ready. They are not reacting to the wish list at all. And early access is actually beta testing that we pay full price for and then spend months getting it ready so they can roll it out to the mass public and it still might not be ready ie the smart lock. So I am completely with you. There may be some products that I buy from them and there may be a lot I pass up. Take the band as an example yes it was only $25. And I bought it but I know that it will not work straight out of the box it will take months for it to get the functionality that they are praising it for. Where I could spend $200 on an Apple Watch take it out of the box and it’s going to function perfectly from day one. Because Apple put the time and effort into making it consumer ready before they put it out. That’s where the price difference comes in. Wyze makes it sound like everybody else is overcharging when in fact everybody else is just making a complete product and that cost money. I think people are starting to see through the veil of ways in all of their don’t look at what the right hand is doing just pay attention to the left hand type situation. And I don’t blame you I would’ve returned it all too


You’ve actually worded this very well.
I genuinely believe that the Wyze founders and staff are good people with good intentions but if the past year is any indication I’m not sure about the longevity of the company.
You can’t take a year to determine how to ship your products to Canada and Mexico. Call Amazon, they’ll handle it for you for the time being. Austrailia and the UK also want Wyze products.
Very simple programming issues like dark mode seem to be completely ignored.
Android tablets haven’t been able to upgrade or ititially install the spp for the past two or three releases.
I hope Wyze can stick around. Rebranding fitness bands snd scales while ignoring the current problems is shortsighted.


I said people are starting to see through the veil of Wyze. It’s only taken a couple years but people are starting to see that it’s all smoke and mirrors. Yes we’re paying minimal amounts for a product but there’s a reason for that. It’s not a complete product when we buy it at EA, we don’t get a discount for buying it EA and yet we willingly go four or five months doing all kinds of troubleshooting and testing and finding bugs and fixing them for free so that they can then launch the product to the public consumer ready, supposedly. Look at the lock even after it was launched to the public it still has issues. Can you name one product that they’ve launched that didn’t have issues? Especially at the EA launch? When I pay full price for something I don’t care if it’s early access or seven months later I want to work out of the box. And I can guarantee you that my band will not work as they have stated and praised straight out of the box. And now they say they’re going to get the outdoor camera a doorbell and a thermostat out this year. They just started asking about the thermostat like two weeks ago. And they’re going to develop it and have it ready for sale in 6-7 months? We all know that they don’t really build anything they “borrow” technology from other companies, say they tweak it here and there and then resell it. That’s all they’re doing.

And the wish list is a joke. There’s zero organization to it. And they obviously aren’t taking the items with the most votes as priority or they wouldn’t of made a scale for one thing. The band that I can kind of understand because it has Alexa built into it and will run your home automation stuff. But who in the world asked for a scale? That is a head scratcher for everybody. The only reason it sold was price. And we are still waiting on the keypad that we were supposed to get with the deadbolt. It was supposed to be released at the same time. And for what we paid for the deadbolt and all the issues we’ve had quite frankly the keypad should be free. They can argue that all they want but I know all the issues I’ve had with my two deadbolts one was a replacement so yeah I feel like my keypad should be free.


100% agree - I bought one v2 to watch my front door area because our current location is gated and we have very little need to spend Ring type prices for our very low risk need, and I’ll never buy anything that requires a subscription, also the V2 seemed like a good option considering it was advertised as having person detection. Great, a simple option to watch the front in case there‘s someone sneaking into the community to steal packages. However the problems with person detection render it highly unreliable. Great now I’m a beta tester for the new AI - which has been about as smooth a process as what I’ve read about every other wyze product - as smooth as riding over a cobblestone roadway in a go cart, I’m pretty much no longer considering wyze for home security when we move. They ignore the most desired customer demands and do whatever the heck they feel will generate some short term revenue. The products they push out work like they are a high school coding project for the annual science fair. This multiple user permission request has been lingering for how long? Meanwhile Dongsheng announced a usb firmware to use a wyze cam as a web cam tethered to a computer USB port - did any one here ask for this? Sure great, how many do not already have a web cam on their laptop or tablet I guess if it can reach a spot of interest to monitor then maybe it can be viewed remotely. Certainly is not satisfying the long running PC/browser access wishlist that’s been the number one requested feature since I started here about 6 mo ago. Anyway, with 100s of millions of potential buyers, they can probably survive for some time since not all customers will rush to dump wyze. But eventually the reviews will start to get worse and competitors will swoop in. My only other thought is that they are pushing out products to get enough attention to become an acquisition target so the top execs can make a windfall profit and retire young or move on to the next start up and repeat the process until they are so filthy rich they no longer care to build anything.

we need to be able to transfer ownership to others or at least add users as admins so that they can adjust camera settings. Right now we can not even change our account email so this is something else that would be extremely useful.


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This has 527 votes. There are other wish list topics that have three times as many votes and haven’t been tackled yet so I don’t see this happening anytime soon. Although I totally agree with you and I like your post and I voted for this along time ago

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Didn’t realize email can’t be changed. That’s absurd! I know it’s the account login but inability to change it is beyond unreasonable. What if someone uses an isp email like and they move and change their isp so no longer have the original email anymore? They have to abandon their wyze equipment? Glad I’m not heavily invested in wyze devices!

No, you don’t have to abandon the equipment. But you do have to start a new account and set it all up again from scratch. I agree it should not have to be that way and so does Wyze. They are working on figuring out how to make it possible to change your account email without resetting devices. There’s apparently some technical details in the infrastructure that makes it non-trivial to implement.

BTW, on the forum side, we can change your email for you, so you don’t lose your forum identity and history.

Good! It could be the way they encrypt things if it includes the username to generate a unique key with the password. Anyway, good to know. I just setup a new iPad and for whatever reason, iTunes Store still has 2 old email user names from my very first iPhone and it kept asking for those passwords to recover any old purchases. I got no idea what passwords I might have used 10 yrs or more ago. Anyway big pain in the butt.


Is there any kind of word on if playback is coming for shared accounts?

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Hello @cgkrehely and welcome to the community

I have not heard where they are on this but this thread will be the one you want to watch for updates

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Can we please get this feature for users we share our cameras with? Currently share with other family members in our house, and they do not get this option among other camera features missing too. For each shared user, the option could be there and managed by the main user account settings. For example, I am sharing kitchen camera with my wife (has her own account) and I’m able to toggle on or off whether she has full camera features or limited (the default currently). Thank you so much! :blush:

We love our cameras. However there is a MAJOR safety flaw:
Only one admin is allowed and therefore only one person can use the playback feature.
If one person is out of town, or damages their phone/phone is dead, or their phone has no signal but mine does.,etc… there is no other way to check feedback!! This puts our home and kids in possible danger.
In a relationship there are at least 2 ADMINISTRATORS in the house. Facebook makes it possible for multiple admins on a page. At least they could make it to where there is a head Admin with possibility for them to add people to have access to features like playback!
On top of it…we have kids. Aside from keeping the house safe from thieves, etc., we BOTH like to keep tabs on our household/children. I shouldn’t have to call my husband when he is out of town for work (sometimes in places without signal/so I CAN’T call), and ask him to check playback.
Ridiculous. Please change this for the safety and peace of mind for families.


Both “Administrators” can and should sign in the the account that has full control of the cameras.

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This seems to be a frequent issue with users – they find one way to do something then decide that the way they found doesn’t do everything they could imagine wanting to do, so they find their way to the user forum to suggest changing the software in various complex and often contradictory ways.

As Angus already pointed out, there is no reason why you can’t both access the playback – assuming, of course, that you trust each other and are both reasonably competent using the camera software.

There is NO LIMIT on the number of simultaneous log ins (actually I suspect there might be a maximum practical number, but whatever that might be it certainly exceeds the number of adults likely to be “in a relationship”).

If you want to view the playback, simply log in with the owner account.

You can both even be logged in to the same camera with the same account at the same time and you can both be controlling the camera – doing so might make you confuse each other, but it won’t cause any problems with the software or the camera unless one of you chooses to do something silly like turn the camera off.

Simply decide who needs full access to all the camera controls and functions – and who you trust with full access – then give that person or those people the User ID and password for the account.

That only covers users with fuill access.
Shared access is still a mess.

I know that the playback feature was there before, it was removed. I used it to test on one of the cameras I shared.

You guys need to address this issue now. We just got a scale, but my wife and I are both logged in to the admin account. However, now only one of us can use the scale because each of our phones is linked to the admin account.


You can have and use more than one account. Just log out of one account and log back in with the other. Maybe your time is so valuable that losing two seconds to log out and log back in is an earth shattering burden, but really how often you you use either the scale or the few camera commands that require using the administrator account? If you use them twice a day, that is more than most people.