Ability to Change Email Address

For the love of all that is holy please add this capability.

As an IAM engineer myself I have no idea how such a great product ended up in a situation where accounts are locked to email addresses and the only way to change is to re-setup all the devices.


Yes, a real head-scratcher.
With all the new products they keep releasing, coupled with the nessecary app inclusions, you would think by now they’d already have a new and properly coded app.

We have asked for this and a dark mode for well over a year.

They don’t seem to realize how it is affecting sales.

I currently have no interest in the broader ecosystem due to the app’s shortcomings, and know I am not alone.

It’s a no brainer???

Should be standard SOP when developing an app and a web site

Does anyone have the contact information for the CEO? I just called again and got the same response…Wyze doesn’t have access to your e-mail address on our system. We recommend creating another account. Who wants to re-program all their devices back in. Also, you lose all history of the products you purchased if you start a new account. This is unheard of for a company to now forecast that people will have changes. I retired in March and do not have access to that e-mail anymore. I can still log in with the old e-mail but I no longer get updates on new products like I used to.

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Yes…I ran into the same kind of problem…it’s not the first company I have run into that has a similar policy…

The last guy I talked to told me he wasn’t even a full time employee…but was a subcontractor??

I think you hit a dead wall…

Good luck

Wyze is using email address as their account name, which means they cannot update your email address. Their workaround is to create a completely new account. The problem is the existing financial (orders, payments, discounts, etc.) history is lost in doing so.

Email address should be able to be updated just like a street address or phone number. Not allowing email address updates is a huge mistake. Not providing a way to transfer the fiscal history to the new account results in compliance issues and maybe the CFPB should get involved.


I’m sure the data can be ported over to a new DB file with that issue corrected. Did we not also give our names along with email addresses when we created the accounts? Though sadly who know how it operates… I can see problems with identical names, however the old addresses would still serve as identifiers until a new email address is offered along with the old address as confirmation.

Maybe I expect too much from computers or at least Wyze and its software coders

I had the misfortune to have my main email address get on to lists being sold to spammers and have spent the last couple of days updating to a new email address on dozens of accounts. The experience has run from super convenient to awful. Unfortunately, Wyze falls in the latter camp. I have had to have my account deleted and start over from scratch. Not good! This needs work ladies and gentlemen. Email changes are common and ought not to be hard.


I just tried to change mine so I Agree with this idea!

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Since November 2019 I shutdown ALL my Arlo cams.

Took them out of my draw today and set them all up again in preparation for October 9th …

Changing email and pass code was a breeze with no dramas !!

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That’s the way it ought to be. Unfortunately it’s not with Wyze.

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I dont know why they keep loading up this deficient app with new product, and why a beta of a modern app has not been put out for testing.

I joined beta over a year ago hoping I’d be given opportunity to help prove app 3.0 instead I had camera issues forcing me to leave beta as of last month.

Scratching my head and NOT making any new purchases…

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Same here. Got the new account but all the equipment is listed as the old account and won’t move over to the new one. The equipment is fine but the account admin needs lots of work, but I still need this fixed!

Absolutely a need!!!

I have an email that I pay for, but no longer want, I can’t stop paying for it until Wyze fixes this! I don’t want to lose my account :(.

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But they want you to keep buying new products, rather than fix the app to make having those new products desirable

Wyze, you are missing the point, and income.


Please add this, I need to change my email and migrating everything including services is not a good workaround

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Wyze - I love your easy to use products, but this is a basic necessity and making an email change, just as easy, is a basic necessity! It sounds like you’re ok with making your customers take on the work.

Also, how about a response? Anyone listening to their customers?


Yes, the silence is deafening.

Instead of writing a barrage of new code for new products, they should just fix the [Mod Edit] app and move into the 21st century.

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The lack of this basic feature to change the email address associated with the account is truly surprising. This is the first company/web site that has lacked this feature I have actually ever encountered, and I’m guessing others share a similar experience. This appears to be a design fault in the product. If there is non trivial effort for your development team to resolve, the focus is wrong. It is non trivial effort for your customers to apply an ineffective workaround. Pushing this effort onto your customers to justify a lack of attention from your development team is the wrong focus here. Please please please remedy this with high priority.

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Well stated. I am stunned that this issue has not yet been resolved, equally stunned in the total lack of customizations in the app - specifically the request for a dark mode.

With a constant flow of new products and the subsequent code required to integrate into the app, They appear to be “digging a bigger hole” putting effort into the existing system, while not making these basic changes.

It is 2020, not 1980

Get TypeApp for Android

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