Non-functioning email on Wyze account

When I got the first Wyze cam, I used an email address that meanwhile is not working any more (the provider just deleted it without any prior notification - got me in trouble on so many levels! But that is a whole other story). Meanwhile I got a few other cams that I am using for my volunteer work in animal rescue. Yesterday I set up a cam on someone’s porch to monitor the feral cat population for future spay/neuter. This person currently has the camera on her app, and tried to “share” with me. We tried the current email address, which asks me to make a Wyze account. She tried the non-working email address, which obviously doesn’t work any more, so I did not get a message of any kind.
Dear community, what can I do to still use my own Wyze, AND people can share “their” camera with me? I read that one cannot change the email on the account, but could I create a new account, and change the camera to it?

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I feel your pain… unfortunately, you’ll have to create a new account at this time:

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I thought so… but since the old Wyze is on the old account, how can I transfer it to the new one?

You have to reset the cam and add it to the app with the new account.