When logging into my WYZE Account on Computer it shows only WYZE CAM “BASIC” Account

On my Android Phone and Tablet It Shows that I am on WYZE CAM “BETA”
The two Accounts Do Not Match up
On WYZE CAM “BETA” I Have All My Purchases and All My Connected Items
Put on The Computer It Shows only One Purchase Different from What Is on My Android Phone
I Received an Email for Signing up For WYZE CAM Plus, I Clicked on The Link Which Sent Me to The WYZE CAM Web Page and When I Logged in And Purchased the WYZE CAM Plus for The Year, It only Shows up On theWYZE CAM “BASIC” Account on The Computer, It Does Not Show on WYZE CAM “BETA” on My Android Devices
Customer Service Told Me that I Can Back out Of the WYZE CAM “BETA” Program but I Fear that It Will Revert to The Computer Account and I Will Lose All My Purchases and I Would Have to Reset All the Devices
““Desperately Seeking a Solution”” for 3 months Now

Are you using the same username and password on both devices? What app version is on each of the devices?

yes the same

at one point i wanted o change my email address as my old one was getting to much spam {Yahoo} and i was not Getting Wyze alerts Consistently and it was Not working with my Google Home Display so i thought it might help if i changed it to my Gmail account as it is what i use on my google home account but that did not help. and apparently as far as Wyze was concerned i only changed it for contact reason not for logging in

Additionally back in August i Wanted to Purchase some cameras for my son who just moved into a home rental and since the app at the time did NOT let me make the purchase i did it on the computer. all was well until i noticed that the purchased did not show up in the app but did show up on the computer {again same login information}
Now on the computer it ONLY shows me this Purchase an NOT the 6 others i did before.
on the Phone it Shows me all my purchases OTHER than the Cameras i Bought for my son.
to make matters worse i got an email from Wyze last week about a Cam Plus Deal if i prepay for the year so i clicked the link in the email and it sent me to a webpage {this was on my phone} and i logged in an made the purchase.
the Cam Plus Now Only shows up on the computer and NOT on my phone so essentially i paid for Nothing as it will not Link up with the Wyze Beta on my phone for me to assign the Cam Plus tp the 2 cameras i want to use it with
I Have “2” Cam v1s, “2” Cam v2s, “1” Pan and scan, “1” Ways Cam Outdoor and “2” Cam V3. plus the Scale, the Vacuum, “2” Outlets the Wyze Watch 47 so i dont want to Screw around with creating a whole new account as Wyze has already demonstrated they Cant Link Migrate or move items across accounts

Looking for clarification, Can you explain how you use the computer to view the Wyze app? Or do you use the computer to view the Wyze webpage?

Go into each Wyze app on all your devices that you use the app on, click on account, then scroll to the bottom. Click About then post the version numbers of each app in a reply here please with which device it’s on also.

Do each of the apps show all the same devices on the home page? You don’t have to share a device from one to the other do ya? Just checking all avenues.

If your comfortable, are you able to post screen shots of the issues that you see? Maybe a different set of eyes on it will see something that may have been missed. If you are going to post screen shots, be aware.of any personal info you may not want included.

This forums is a user community, which is not frequented by Wyze team members or support folks. If you want to continue here the community would be glad to help, but if you wanted to talk to Wyze directly I’d suggest contacting the Support phone, or via chat.

Thanks in advance!

1 - NO I Only used it Twice;
1st was to make a Purchase of Several Camera intended for my son back in august, i logged in to my account and made the purchase.
2nd was when i Purchased the Cam Plus Service; {this was Actually done on my Android Phones Chrome web Browser}

2 - Versions Numbers are V2.19.12 nad my other device was on V2.19.12 but was advised by Customer Support to update it so i did.

3 - Both Devices Show Identical Information, devices, Actively Connected and Order History {Even Before the Update}

4 -

the rest is from my phone

the Free Trial is on a V2 that i had Not Used since October when i Purchased a Version 3 to replace it with so i guess it activated a free trial when i found a use for it and installed it 3 weeks ago but that was before i purchased the 1 years Wyze Cam Plus Last Week

Just to be Clear i log in to the Same Account using the Same ?Email {Yahoo} but in the App is Shows my Gmail account for Alert Notification Only

i CANT log in with the Gmail Address on Either Devis or in a Web Browser weather its on a windows computer or Android Phone {Both using Chrome Browser}
I ven Trid Login In in in Incognito Mode to get around Chromes Saved passwords
Did Not Work

As Per this Quote:

I was Informed Differently Today by Customer Support, they Contacted Wyze Team Members who Told her that “They do NOT Support WYZE BETA” and to Use this forum {for which she Provided the like, which i Used:

Depending of your security setting on Google, you may need to go to the account area and allow Wyze. I use my GMail account without issue.