Switching accounts more easily (ability to access multiple accounts without signing out and in)

Say, I have 3 wyze cam site installations. One at home, one for my business, and one for another location.
In the app (IOS/Android), I want to be able to easily switch between these accounts (sites) for viewing, etc., without having to fully log off one -then- log into another.

Could my login/auth info be stored by the app and simply allow me use common built-in auth methods that most other modern mobile device applications use, (such as fingerprint, face rec, etc.,) to quickly switch between my sites?

I wish for a ‘SITE’ feature selector in the app where I could specify a site name, with an associated login/password …
I’m sure you get the idea…

This might satisfy your wish, but a couple of things to consider:

  1. You can group cameras. Perhaps by grouping by site, that would help this situation? (IOW, have all cameras in one account, but group them by site.)

  2. On iOS at least, if you use iCloud Keychain, you can easily quick-fill account credentials when logging into a different account.

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‘Grouping’ does not help this situation.
Here, I want separate accounts. Each account will have several people who can admin it. I just need to be able to get onto any of the accounts quickly & easily.
Right now it is just so inconvenient to have to log out of the ‘home’ account and log into another in the app…

Hoping to see something like a list of MY accounts I can simply click on, and use the selected account.

By their very nature, accounts require logging in. The only way this could possibly be implemented would be to have a master account (that requires login) and sub-accounts that do not. But then everybody would have access to all accounts. I’m afraid if grouping or camera sharing doesn’t solve this for you, there probably isn’t going to be another solution possible.

Sharing is also something to consider. Have your business share it’s cams with you, but you don’t share your cams with them.


You all need the ability to support multiple homes in the app. I have more than one house and want to install wyze cams in my new house but I don’t want them showing up under my current house account. and also they would be using different WiFi networks etc. So you could allow signing into multiple accounts at the app at the same time, like Google Wifi app or implement multiple separate homes support like in the Nest app

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This isn’t that much to ask for - Almost all social media platforms already do this. Once your credentials are stored it should be as easy as picking the account to login to, especially with faceID. I have the same issue - grouping doesn’t help because then the other admins of my business end up getting notifications for my home cameras.

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Make separate accounts with the cameras you want to see in those accounts. Add a profile on your phone for each of those accounts. You will have to log into the Wyze app once for each account profile. After that, all you have to do is switch profiles on your phone.

This is a critical feature that is needed for me. As others have stated this is not much to ask for.

I have several cameras at my place of business in which MULTIPLE people use the SAME WYZE ACCOUNT to monitor the feeds and look at playback for security reasons.

I also have several at my place of residence in which MULTIPLE people use the SAME WYZE ACCOUNT.

I do NOT want either group of people to be able to see the other group of cameras. So, sharing is out of the question. Nor will I be creating another Android user account JUST for Wyze (I wouldn’t get notifications from the Wyze app in my alternate Android account anyways so that’s extra dumb).

Please, please consider this feature in the near future. Maybe a simple drop-down combo box on the left of the camera list? Just allow us to log into multiple accounts and swap back and forth in the GUI! It doesn’t seem like that much coding would be involved…

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Why not add “tabs” to the app to allow multiple users to login - one user per tab.
Use case: one tab for personal cameras, one tab for business cameras, etc.
I know about the sharing… but onus is on owner of cameras to share and shared cameras are readonly.

This issue could be solved by having the ability to allow shared camera playback. I also have several people using the same account for cameras at the business as they need to access to view playback, I however don’t want them to have access to my home cameras. So I have another account for the house and have to log out of one and into the other. Again share with access to playback would solve this.

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Here’s the #wishlist topic related to that:

Wyze, This has been going on for a long time. It’s time for this to be addressed…

Basic recap…
I would like to have multiple accounts and be able to switch between them without logging in again, The user experience: Whenever I start the app, I will see my list of accounts. I can select one and authenticate into it (authenticate via typical face-rec, fingerprint,etc. using email/passw as last resort).
I assume there will be a complete separate config (all app settings) stored for each account.

All the other sharing, etc, can still be used as desired.


I am new to Wyze but have the same issue. I need to switch between work and home accounts easily. This post was from 2019. Has this been solved. Seems like a no brainer to me.


It is STILL truly ridiculous to me that this doesn’t exist in the Wyze app.
I have a set of Cameras at my home.
I have another Wyze account with a separate email address, etc., for my cameras at a second location.
I want to keep them totally separate and not share cams between home and the other locations, like the wyze app Is capable of today.
The pain in the butt part is I have to log out of my home Wyze account then enter the email address and password for the second location before I can view the cameras at the second location. It’s just so inconvenient. It would be better if the Wyzeapp simply did fingerprint/ Face ID auth like all the other modern apps… , Or allowed me to select a login profile for home or however many other locations or “sites” I have. Ridiculous…:confused:

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I 100% agree with you dddd. Come on Wyze. We bought a lot of cameras and your home security. I NEED to be able to view work and home, two different accounts, individually. Without noggin out and back in every time. Basic functionality.


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Does Wyze read these requests and reply or is this just users talking and they won’t see our need?

I would love to be able to log into more than one account and have access to all cameras and rules for each account without having to switch logins. It is particularly difficult to go between more than one account when MFA is enabled.

Besides my own cameras at home (both my wife and I log into the app on our respective phones/iPads with our single personal account), I also manage several cameras on a different account at a church. If I share the cameras from the other account, then she also must be bothered with the extra cameras. Instead, there could be a hamburger button in the upper left with an icon for each account, similar to how you might switch between discord servers within the discord app or workspaces in Slack.

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