Wyze app 2.40 Beta Test 2/16/2022


  • Android: 2.40.0.b180
  • iOS: 2.40.0(3)

What’s New:

  • Added support for Additional PINs for Wyze Home Monitoring (firmware update required)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented removal of previous Wyze Thermostats (iOS)
  • Fixed a landscape aspect ratio issue on iPad (iOS)
  • Bug fixes

iOS is available and installing. Will test once fully installed.

Android is not available yet. Once it becomes available, I will install.


WOW! That is really going to make some people happy! :grin: That is a really big improvement for the HMS! :+1:

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Meh. Must be some other people. :no_mouth: :upside_down_face:

Do you not need multiple PIN access for your HMS?

No, I’m good. But I’m happy for some people, I guess. Maybe ‘meh’ was a little strong. :slight_smile:

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The release notes should’ve mentioned that 2.40 FINALLY has HMS status as trigger rules!!! :tada:

That’s even cooler than the extra pins (which I also like). I kind of wish we could have rules depending on what pin is entered. For example, if I change our PIN numbers for the HMS and someone tries to use the old PIN, or a neighbor or someone tries to use a temp pin you gave them months ago while you were on vacation to take care of your pets…but then their kid tries to use it months later or something, It would be nice to have it set off different rules. Just saying…

Also, now we need some new Rule Template suggestions/presets:

  • If HMS detects an alarm, Turn on siren on ALL CAMERAS too
  • If Cancels an Alarm (or switches to Disarmed mode), Turn off siren on ALL CAMERAS too

Those are things lots of people will want, so they should be ready made templates. Especially for those of us with dozens of cameras who don’t want to have to do it all manually. :rofl:

In fact, I just barely went through and set it up so that canceling the HMS alarm or switching to disarmed mode always turns off all sirens. Then no matter why a siren is going off, anyone in my family can just go to the keypad or their phone and know exactly how to turn off all sirens. This is very useful just for that. (I have been using a dedicated contact sensor that will shut off all sirens, but I like these HMS rules better because I can require a pin).


Agree, until then I have this handy dandy shortcut for turning off all sirens
But super stoked HMS is making it into the rules


It looks like I am going to have to get back into the Beta App game. It pains me, but that is just too good to turn down. I will just have to start working on modifying my macros.

Any known Beta App conflicts?


I’m sorry but I don’t see the improvement. Can someone enlighten me, please?

From 39 to 40, I don’t see any improvements. For example, group view in iOS, both iPhone and iPad go to sleep/lock screen mode. That wasn’t fixed and quite a few people were asking for that to be fixed.

Again, in group view mode, the top two views are 100% but the bottom two rows are at 75%. Haphazard programming.

I’m giving up, I’m stuck with Wyze echo system for now and I’ll put up with whatever they shove down my throat. The question remains, how long?

Damn, I was a mod for Motorola for 10 years. I gave it up. I’m glad I stopped. I’m too old for it anymore.

Yeah, I was a beta tester for Adobe Illustrator from 1988 till 1996, and I never saw such a programming incompetence. Adobe took our feedback seriously. Looks like Wyze doesn’t give a hoot to our feedback. I have been reporting the same issue via the app over and over, and all is moot from Wyze. Why even have a beta program if they don’t listen to us. Wait, I know. They dump it on the user and see what happens.

I love Wyze cameras, that’s all I have and I’ll be damned if I go beyond that until they clear their act.

Done with my rant!

And what’s going on with the rules tip that doesn’t want to go away on the right side of the screen? Is Wyze trying to piss it’s customers away? Looks like I’m on a roll tonight :grinning:

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I’m seeing the app mis label the time of event videos. I’ll have events labeled 5 minutes in length in the events list but when I tap that event, it’ll only be 14 seconds for example. I tested this alongside the public app and it doesn’t seem to affect that one.

iOS 16.3
iPhone 12 Pro Max

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I use the beta Android app. Up until last week, I have always had to manually update to the new version of the Wyze app. And now, for the last 2 app rollouts, the last PROD update and this beta update, the app was auto-updated without my permission.

I would prefer to control when apps get updated. I thought I had that feature disabled and now I can’t find the setting on my phone.

Can anyone offer suggestions on why this auto-update suddenly started occurring?

That is a setting you have to set in your Google Play Store Settings under the Network Preferences Heading, Auto Update Apps (global setting).

You can also turn it off on a per app basis by selecting the installed Wyze App from within the Google Play Store, selecting the 3 dots in the upper right, and disabling the auto update for that app.

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THANKS! There must have been an Android update that reset those settings. It has been so long that I disabled the Auto-update feature, that I forgot where to find it. I was getting ready to do a search for that setting, so thanks for helping me out.

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Beta App UI issue when adding Cam actions to rules:

Once the cam action has been successfully added to the rule, if the cam name is too long, the “Edit” pencil starts to be pushed off of the page by the cam name until it is gone.

When this happens, the only way to edit the action is to delete it and start over or go back and rename the cam making it short enough for the pencil to appear.

The “Edit” pencil should be anchored and the cam name truncated to the specific length limit of the device screen width.


What is the minimum firmware version requirement for the Hub to be compatible with this App feature?

Another issue in the Beta App as it applies to the Rules building UI & Actions for the Thermostat:

When selecting the Thermostat for Actions, if I choose Turn On Heat Mode, the Turn On Off Mode becomes unselectable. This is good.

However, Turn On Heat Mode does not deactivate Turn On Cool Mode. Both can be selected.

In fact, if I toggle the three, I can get any two to be selected at any given time.

I can’t really think of any situation why two conflicting commands should be allowed to be sent at the same time.

Additionally, the Set to Home, Away, and Sleep can all be selected simultaneously. The app should not be allowed to program multiple conflicting commands. Once one is selected, the other two should deactivate.

The only set that does work right is the Notifications On\Off.