2.21 Beta App, Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station Firmware Beta Test 5/26/2021

2.21 Beta App:

App Versions:

  • iOS: 2.21.21 (3)

  • Android: 2.21.12

What’s New:

  • Added Siren support and a Battery Usage Summary for Wyze Cam Outdoor (requires Wyze Cam Outdoor firmware version 4.17.1. 92 and Base Station: 4.16.2. 6)

  • Added a low battery indicator for Wyze Sense v2

  • Added a Vacation Mode indicator for Wyze Bulb Color

  • Distinguished Sprinkler Plus features for Wyze Sprinkler Controller

  • Improved Smart Schedule for Wyze Sprinkler Controller

  • Enabled no-go zone rotation for Wyze Robot Vacuum

  • Enabled app sorting for Wyze Watch 44mm

  • Enabled bulk editing schedules for Wyze Floor Lamp

  • Bug fixes

  • Added support for Wyze Sense Keypad bulk firmware update (Android)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Wyze Video Doorbell Live Stream for Wyze Home Monitoring (Android)

Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station:

Firmware Versions:

  • Wyze Cam Outdoor: 4.17.1. 92

  • Base Station: 4.16.2. 6

What’s New:

(both require latest Beta apps and firmware)

  • Added siren support

  • Added a battery summary in Device Info


@spamoni4 This might help your problems here. You should test and update us on whether this new update helps with all your recent VDB issues.

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Will check on it. However, I don’t see it on my Android yet.

Just got it loaded, had to remove the previous version for it to install.

Will start my testing

Nice WCO battery usage info. Siren isn’t tool loud but that is likely limited by hardware. It should be noticeable by someone in detection range.


Not available for Android yet. Did show up on Test Flight for the @#$%^& iPhone, but did not notify me that it was there (as it usually does).

This update caused the HMS walkthrough to re-run.

Not a bad thing, but one of the screens tells you youre currently in disarmed status regardless of what actual status is. (Im not at site of alarm and its currently armed - walkthrough text is purely cosmetic and assuming a fresh setup)

Could lead to some confusion.


I uninstalled thew app and then downloaded from app store and it came down. Not sure why I had to do that. However, I am not receiving any notifications unless the app is running.

@WyzeYichen I submitted a log 215435. I installed the latest release on my Android phone. Had toi uninstall the app and then download from store and it provided the latest beta. However, I am not getting notifications unless the app is actually open.

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I too am not receiving notifications after the app update. spamoni4 asked me if I was getting notifications, so I walked out my front door and walked back in, and my cam plus person detection rules all worked fine (announced me on Alexa, changed my color bulb, made a ding, etc), but I did not receive a notification from the app as I usually do for either my V3 or my Video Doorbell.

Notifications are broken, rules still functioning.


I have noticed that if you have the app running, you will get notifications. I tested it by opening and closing the Door to my garage. I have notification on that and Alexa notified my but not my phone. Started the app and was sitting on the Device Screen, opened the door and Alexa notified as did my phone. So, there is a bug.

  1. You are right, I just tested this. With the app open I get notifications, with it closed, I do not.
  2. Strangely, I now also only get Eufy 2K Indoor Cam person notifications when the WYZE APP is open. If the Wyze app is closed, I don’t get the Eufy Cam Person notifications either. I don’t understand how the Wyze app being open or closed is affecting whether I get Eufy notifications, but I tested this 4 times…I am totally dumbfounded here. Corporate sabotage? (not serious about corporate sabotage, but the fact that my Eufy is only sending me PD notifications for my front door when the Wyze app is open is not a joke)
  3. Alexa has started acting spazzy…I have person detection from my front door V3 trigger a rule to make Alexa Announce “Knock Knock” once, and every time I’ve tested this, Alexa repeatedly says “Knock Knock; Knock Knock; Knock Knock” over and over until the event totally stops (also have a rule to flash my color bulb red once for like 10 seconds, but it would strobe and off with the repeated knock-knocks too)…
    • I think Alexa is just mad me for not answering her “Knock-Knock” by saying “Who’s there” so she can just finish her joke…so like an 8 year old she keeps saying it hoping I’ll give in and she can finish her new joke…maybe I’ll see if it helps her get it out of her system next time.

EDIT: Tested my back door, and Eufy worked without the Wyze app being open back there. Then I walked to the front door again and Eufy worked this time. So weird that it went the way it did the 4 times before that though (working when Wyze was open, but not when Wyze was closed), must just be a weird coincidence or an Android 11 bug of some kind. Wyze still did not work (sending notifications while the app is closed)

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I noticed #2, but did not focus on it. :slight_smile: I also have Eufy 2K camera’s.

Hopefully they will correct.

(I posted an edit on the Eufy comment because Eufy started working normal again when I checked the back door)

I tested the Wyze notification issue both with and without the “Running in the background” persistent notification option turned on or off. It did not make any difference for receiving any Wyze notifications when the app was closed.

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That is what I was experiencing as well.

Now I am in a nightmare of resetting my phone. :slight_smile:

I did verify that the iOS app is working fine for notifications. So this is only affecting Android.

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Release notes mention ability to sort apps on Watch 44. I don’t seem to have that capability or am not understanding where the option is accessed. Other new functions like WcO siren are working. Would be nice to be able to turn it in for x seconds then turn off. Primarily looking to use it to scare raccoons from the pond.

you would go into the Wyze App, select the Watch and in there you should see an option for Watch App Display. Tap on that and then you can reorganize by long pressing the 3 bars on the right side of the app and moving them to where you would like it.

I have a 47, but am sure it is the same. Here is my screen shot


@WyzeYichen , I wanted to provide you with my take on the latest App update for your review:

  • There are a lot of nice new features which I believe to be a benefit. the Battery usage for the WCO’s, the service renewals being easily visible now (if it was there before, I hadn’t noticed). There are some others.

  • iOS seems to function as expected. The app loaded, Live Streams came up, no issue to report at this time,

  • Android, this is another story.

    1. I submitted a log last night: 215435. There are no notifications when the app is not running. Even though you have the option to selected to run in background. When you open the app and let it run, the notifications are fine.

    2. For me, when the app is running and the phone has not been touched, the notifications are delayed again. I am back to running the ADB command to turn off Doze Mode. I will check all of the settings on my phone again to make sure I did not miss something.

    3. The Video Door Bell (VDB) still presents a lot of Error Code 6. This should really be addressed as I experience this more than 50% of the time. My Network is strong, no issues with sending or receiving video’s, other camera’s seem to function fine - just an occasional Error 6 or even 7. But the VDB is problematic for this. I have noticed that if you Live Stream the VDB, and then click on one of the previous captured events (at the bottom of the screen), you will see the error 6 if it was one of the unfortunate events which had issues. But now if I go to the event screen directly and click on the same event I see the following - Nice clean screen, but does not really tell you the issue:

    4. I reported this in the past and was informed that the developers are looking at this. However, on my iOS, Android, on WiFi or even Cell / LTE / 5G, I cannot Live Stream a Camera when multiple Live Events are currently recording. I am working with Wyze on this and waiting for a replacement Camera to try. But wanted to pass on that this issue, for me, still persists. When I look at my router and drill down to the Camera’s, I notice that they are sending a lot of data 800+ Kb/s for one camera. multiply this by 5 (that is just the V3’s outside) and it adds up quickly. Just wanted to pass this on.

I like the direction Wyze is going with the updates, but believe this latest one has some flaws in it as it relates to Android and not iOS.

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@spamoni4 - on iOS at least it’s not an option for the watch 44 - I do see it for the watch 47 that I have and the app re-sorting works there but doesn’t seem like it’s showing up for the 44 in this release

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Ok - sorry about that. this is good to know. Is it possible that there is a Beta Firmware update for the 44 which is required to enable this feature?

looks like the latest Beta FW for the 44 is 0.3.75. Are you at this FW Version?