2.27 app & Wyze Sense Hub Firmware Beta Test 12/2/2021


  • iOS: 2.27.11 (4)
  • Android: 2.27.14


  • Added VoIP support for Wyze Video Doorbell
  • Added support for Rule recommendations
  • Added Wyze Plug and Wyze Plug Outdoor to the bulk update page
  • Added Sunrise/Sunset support for Wyze Lamp Socket
  • Added ceiling mount instructions for Wyze Cam Floodlight
  • Added a notification when Wyze Sense Hub is using the battery (iOS)
  • Updated Sync Time for all cameras (iOS)
  • Fixed an answering failure bug for Wyze Video Doorbell (iOS)
  • Fixed a Wyze Video Doorbell Pro crashing bug (Android)
  • Fixed an offline time error for Wyze Sense Motion Sensor (Android)
  • Fixed a temperature display error for Wyze Climate Sensor reports (Android)
  • Fixed a setup bug for Wyze Lamp Socket (Android)
  • Fixed a crashing bug when grouping Wyze Light Strip (Android)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented assigning Cam Plus to Wyze Video Doorbell Pro (Android)


Firmware version:


  • Network reliability and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

[Mod Edit]: Removed embedded space from version number to enhance search clarity.


Installing iOS now, waiting for the Android App to be available. Updating the HMS as well. Will let you know how it all goes.

Everything is looking great so far.


  • iOS App installed successfully.

    • VoIP option on iOS is now available. I had it on Android for sometime
    • Plugs do appear in the Update list. However, under the Beta Program area, both the v1 and v2 versions of the plug show up as Wyze Plug. They should be tagged appropriately so that we know which one is which.
    • Time Sync seems to work with v2, v3, VDB, Pan v2 and WCO
  • HMS FW Update Installed quickly and successfully

  • Still waiting for Android App :slight_smile:


Installed all. Lots of great fixes in this app release! The App devs have been busy!

I was hoping the HMS Hub volume issue would be restored back to normal (support has reportedly been telling people there was an upcoming firmware release that would fix the volume). the Entry Delay beeping was fairly loud, but the siren seemed to still be at what used to be considered “mid” volume when it first came out…even though settings are set to “High volume” now.

After 4 hub Firmware releases total that I can recall, (including the untested production release that nerfed the volume in the first place) I’m starting to believe this is the new max volume and there won’t be any further fix for that forthcoming? At least it’s a little louder than back when it was on whisper mode. It does seem like the Entry Delay beeping volume was fairly loud though. I think there will be a lot of upset users that the volume is still mid-range instead of high like it used to be. I’m fine with it at medium volume since I mostly rely on my push notifications, but a lot of people want a scary-loud siren to scream at intruders.

Did you get the install immediately? or did you uninstall the Android App first and then download the app from the store again?

As soon as I got this forum notification I just went to the Google Play store on my phone and searched for updates and it showed me there was a Wyze App update waiting for me, so I told it to install the Wyze App update [without uninstalling what was already there].

Then when the Wyze App update was complete I told it to install the hub firmware update, then I purposely set off the alarm and found it was still fairly low. If I test in the future, I think I’ll use a decibel app and test once before and once after the update so I can give a true report if they try to fix the volume in the future. I now think they might be done with that one though…this update didn’t mention the volume issue like the last few.

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Interesting, it is not showing up on my Pixel 6. I may try my Pixel 5.

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Yes, it was my Pixel 5 that had the update available. I wouldn’t think that should make a difference, but who knows.

Same here.


Android has the same Plug issue for Beta enrollment. Both the V1 and 2021 V2 plug are identical with no way to know which is which (again, for the Plug Beta enrollment list in the Account tab)

Longshot… are you trying to update from 2.26.3X on your Pixel 6?

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2.26.22 on both Pixel 5 and Pixel 6. I am running Android 12 as well. Neither device has a Wyze Update yet. I will try uninstalling from my Pixel 5 and see if the new version comes down.


Just uninstalled the app from my Pixel 5, pulled the version down and it installed 2.26.22 again.

Very strange. As neighbors, we’re probably pulling from the same regional Google server. The only thing I can think of is to go into Android settings > App and clear cache (not data!) for Google Play Store and Google Play services, then reboot phone and try again.


No dice, cleared cache as suggested. Even turned off my WiFi to see if it was my network. has not worked yet.

I will wait and see, may be there by tomorrow. :slight_smile:


You’ve been helping too much with helpful beta testing lately, Wyze has thus restricted your account from beta app updates to force you to take a much-needed breather to relax for a minute…until further notice.


Or at least that should be the reason my friend. :upside_down_face:


Could be. :grin:

Checked this morning and nothing. So I uninstalled it left the beta, installed prod version, joined the beta and still nothing.

But now there is a downside. I don’t have VoIP anymore for the doorbell. The iOS device does as it has the beta. Now I am wondering if VoIP can be on two different devices.


Updated here without any issues so far

Weird…I see the Android 2.27.14 beta app available on the pixel 6. Currently, I’m on 2.26.22.

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Wired video doorbell livestream page needs to be shifted down drastically. You can’t click on the back button and it’s very difficult to click on the settings button at the top left and right corners since it’s running into other stuff on the screen. Also, you can’t see the image as well when it’s shifted so high up. Android 2.27.14. New log 378583.


So I did the following with the app to see if I can get the latest, @Seapup I broke down and cleared data from Google Play as well.

The Other Day

  • Clearing Cache from the app and OS including doing a force stop.
  • Cleared Cache for Playstore
  • restarted the phones
  • Left the Beta side, uninstalled the app and went to the app store and installed the latest prod version. Then Joined the beta again. Restarted the phone again after joining beta.

Last Night and this morning

  • Last night I took myself out of beta and left it that way until this morning. In the morning, I added myself back to the beta program
  • Google Play Store, searched for Wyze App, clicked Leave Beta from the App Store Itself and the Added me back after a period of time
  • Finally Deleted the Storage and Data from Google Play App. Restarted the Phne, then went back to the Google Play app and ensure my settings were ok.
  • Just did a factory Reset on my Pixel 5. Want to see if being logged into two devices with my account could be causing the issue.

Nothing seems to work. I am still on 2.26.22, Any other suggestions of what I can try?

Is there a setting, at the account level, which I need to set to allow Beta Apps to be installed?

Based on this, I am in the Beta Group:

Did you also rejoin beta from the Wyze app?

Wyze app Home > Account > About > Beta Program