Wyze Video Doorbell Pro & Sense Hub Firmware Beta Test 2/21/2022



What’s new:

  • Audio from both sides of the conversation will be recorded instead of only the doorbell side

  • Improved echo cancellation to reduce noise when using 2-way audio



What’s new:

  • Improved network connectivity and reporting accuracy

  • Bug fixes

[Mod Edit]: Removed embedded space from Hub version number to enhance search clarity.


VDBPro update didn’t show up under the account tab firmware updates, but it did show up when I opened the device from the home tab. It was successful.

I didn’t try the Hub update yet because of how often hub firmware beta updates have caused major functionality issues in the past, but I will consider adding later today or later this week.

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I updated both without issue.

will perform tests soon.

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@WyzeAndy @WyzeBaohua

Installed the Hub FW now none of my sensors are responding. Will see what I have to do to correct this, any suggestions welcomed. :slight_smile:

Edit - This may be primarily my issue with my setup. I checked with a few others and they are not having the same issue. But some are having different issues, like what @R.Good reported below.

Log submitted: 477550

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Wyse Sense FW installed

I have tested a number of contact Sensors (v1 fw0.0.0.16 and v2 fw0.0.0.35) and rules associated to those sensors.

They are all working, however, I am no longer getting audible notifications from the Wyze Sense hub when the sensors are “Opened” after applying version: 4.32.8. 213 with the volume set to any setting low, medium, or high.
LOG ID 477529

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Firmware installed without issue found in testing.


New Item…
Just tried to add a new Motion sensor. I got all the way through the setup process and the device never connected.

The Wyze Sense is now blinking all three lights at the same. If I try to repeat the process the app shows as if it is still trying to connect. It’s as if the WSH is not timing out and stuck in a loop.

All the existing devices are still working

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Much respect to you guys for testing out the new Hub firmware, thank you for being thorough and submitting logs to help out with this. Seriously, it is appreciated for this help you are giving for everyone’s sake. :pray: Thank you.


That is what we agreed to do. :slight_smile: But now I cannot set my HMS as it thinks the garage door is open. I need to get my sensors fixed or working correctly in HMS again. been trying for awhile now.

@R.Good, check your volume levels for the Hub. I just noticed that it was set to Medium but I had it on High prior to the install. Still low but louder to hear. Maybe you will hear the chime.

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Thanks, I toggled between all the settings, closing the app in between trying to “goose it” before posting the findings.

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This bug has happened with every Hub Firmware update since last fall. Just keep trying to set it back to high, then switch to a new screen and go back and check it, if it reverts back to Medium, just repeat the actions until it sticks on High again.

That’s not permanent resolution, but I reported this bug in at least 2 previous firmware updates, maybe 3 or more. Submit a log that it is still there with this one too.

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Just updated hub successfully. Now experiencing the same problems. Sensors open during update are stuck open, sensors closed are stuck closed, no notifications, nothing reported as offline.

Update: Just noticed my v1 motion, v1 contact sensors, Climate and Leak sensors are working through the HMS Hub with notifications being received, but no v2 motion and v2 entry sensors. Will generate a log file tomorrow if system is still partially kaput and then attempt to do a Hub re-add.


My V2 sensors are not working either.

Have not checked the leak or climate Sensors

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Very strange behavior over here this morning… it appears that my HMS system is s l o w l y recovering on it’s own.

All sensors are now working. I.e., I get app notifications for all sensors, they do trigger HMS alarms and rules are back working. But… some chime settings (tunes to Wyze) are not turned on and I can’t turn them on either. It’s like someone (not me) is manually going through this stuff, which isn’t likely. For example, tune setting for ALL entry sensors were set to On before the firmware update. After applying the update, the tune settings all entry sensors were set to Off. I couldn’t set them to On. 4 hours later, 2 are magically On, all other are still Off and I still can’t turn them on. Please check Wyze app Home > Monitoring > Tune Settings. All of mine were off. A few are now on. Try turning one On. It spins for 5 seconds and looks like it takes effect. Back out and note that it does not stick.

Will give my HMS a few hours more before doing a re-add and if that doesn’t work, will capture a log and do a reset.

Wyze Sense Hub was “stuck” in an add a Device State overnight. (3 lights blinking together at the same time)

I decided to go ahead and give it a reboot (remove power, hold reset button for 10 seconds, release button reapply, power)

The WSH came back online and all sensors are still there. However, none are checking in anymore.
So I am now in the same camp as @Seapup and @spamoni4

Motion sensors not reporting
Contact sensors not reporting
Leak sensors not reporting.

Any and all Wyze Rules and Alexa Routines not working.

I also noticed that what ever the state a sensor was in at time of update or in my case reboot, is where the sensor is stuck.

LOG ID 478223
@WyzeAndy @WyzeBaohua


Note my post above yours… looks like there may be a server issue. Mine is slowly recovering with no action on my part.

Was reading it as I was posting mine, lol.

One eye on the screen the other on the keyboard.

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I had around 30 connected sensors at the time of this firmware update. All were out to lunch after this firmware update. Now only 3 remain with a issue and only with regards to chime/tune. Will keep watching it…

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None of mine are recovering yet. Did you do something to trigger them again?

Yep, I went to sleep for 4 hours. :rofl:

Seriously, I did nothing. I didn’t even start up the Wyze app to check anything until about 2 hours ago. And that was because notifications that someone entered the foyer (v2 motion) and the front door opened (v2 entry) work me up when my wife left for work.