2.44 Release Candidate App Beta Test 7/24/2023


  • Android: 2.44.0.b317
  • iOS: 2.44.0(4)

What’s New:

  • Added support for Wyze Video Doorbell and Wyze Video Doorbell Pro in camera groups
  • Added support for Picture-in-Picture for Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro
  • Fixed a bug that caused some Wyze Locks to show offline in the Home tab through they continued to function
  • Fixed the bug that prevented Wyze Switch pairing when using some Android devices (Android-only)
  • Fixed an Event Recording push notification bug that led to an incorrect page (iOS-only)
  • Bug fixes

Do the Bug Fixes address the issue of when viewing a cloud event video and pressing the Playback button to jump the SD Card video, the Playback always jumps to near the most recent part of the timeline. Not to the time of the cloud event video?

Just got it for iOS via Testflight. Will do some testing.

Waiting to get it on Android as well.


Android Update is now available Installing it now


I just checked my V3 on iOS and it jumps to the correct locations and continues to stream from that point. Will test on Android as soon as it is available.


Just tested this on my Android device with the same V3 camera. It seems to function as well.

@StevenA , will be interested if your testing yields the same results


I normally wait for the public release versions. Jumping early on IOS App version 2.43.5 (3) kind of makes me feel like a Beta tester. Thanks for testing and the update.

WOW and WOW! :+1:


Not a problem. Whenever you get it.

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Testing now. So far, so good.

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The WYZE widget for iPhones is still not working to show the mode status. 2.44.0(4)

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I can confirm that the HMS Widget is not showing the status. When you tap on the Widget, it loads the app, but stays on the main screen and does not switch to the Monitoring tab.

On Android, the Widget displays without issues, so this is isolated to iOS

Log submitted: 1122857
iOS App Version: 2.44.0 (4)

Image of what I see:


I have reported this issue.


I tested adding a DB to a group. And noticed the preview of the DB live stream shows the upper left corner zoomed. It looks like it will be normal as the DB is connecting.

Log 1123768.


Can you let me know what device this is happening on?

Maybe Year of the Camera benefits are back loaded? :fireworks:

~5 mos to go…

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Sorry. It is a Samsung S23 running Android.

I’m having the same results. Only shows top 1/3 of preview.
running android
Log # 1124255

Spamoni, I think you are referring to the issue of events playback not returning to correct time frame. If that’s fixed in Beta, I am wondering how long before it’s released if anyone knows. I am not a beta tester…Thanks, lhutch4

Just to be clear. :slight_smile:

When you are viewing an Event and tap on the SD Card, the SD Card will display the event you selected. In the past, it would jump to the Event on the SD Card and then advance to the current Date / Time.

Now it will stay on the event you wanted to see.

Not sure what the release schedule is, but so far things seem to be stable on both iOS and Android.



I have not been part of beta testing before, so I am reluctant to go that way, and may just wait until the latest update is released, but I am definitely anxious for that to happen

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