Wyze app 2.44 Beta Test 7/17/2023


  • Android: 2.44.0.b316
  • iOS: 2.44.0(3)

What’s new:

  • Added support for device offline reminder in push notification setting
  • Added support for dark theme for Event Detail
  • Bug fixes

It begins…(iOS):+1:


Oh yea! This is exciting!!!




Installed the Wyze iOS App. So far it is looking good. Waiting for the Android to become available.


I hadn’t noticed that one👍

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So where do you find this and which cameras?

Account > Notifications > Push Notifications > Device Notifications

Updated on @#$%^& iPhone
Waiting on Android…


Now all the iOS app needs is to have the back swipe gesture , that would be the icing on the cake!


The what?

The WYZE Beta widget stopped working.

Do you have the latest TestFlight App?

Yes. It was just installed. 2.44.0 (3)

I enabled Device Offline Status notifications. Unplugged a few cameras. Waited about 10+ minutes. Nothing. Not sure it’s working.


Yay! Dark mode! I have a few thoughts however.

  • The live stream is too far down the page so there is this weird blank space from the bottom of the title bar to the live stream.
  • I’d much prefer this to be AMOLED Dark instead of these strange two tone thing going on.
  • I used my garage door in this example because the word “controller” is very hard to see, especially for someone (me) who has colorblindness that affects my ability to see dark on dark and different shades of dark.


  • It has been quite a while now with many reports that the camera name is NOT DISPLAYING PROPERLY. This really needs to be fixed as there is no excuse it should be cutting the name off with the space that it has.

Looks good to me under Android. :+1:

I have Device Offline Status enabled, but not sure how it’s supposed to work. Info blurb reads, “Currently limited to certain cameras - more devices will be added soon.” Would be nice to know which device types/models this beta feature applies to so we can test. Maybe this requires associated firmware updates?


I am generally not a big fan of dark mode, but gave it a try on both android and iOS. The live stream being down the page is the same in light vs dark mode - but maybe more obvious in dark mode.

The space at the top is larger on iOS than Android - and only applies on cameras that use the old UI. Cameras that use the new UI does not have the space at the top.

Noting that dark mode only applies when looking at individual cameras - not groups or any setting pages.

What do you mean by AMOLED dark?

It also may be more noticeable due to the different colors of dark. What I meant by AMOLED dark basically is just pure black for screens that can do that, just total black, not artificial. Possible I used the wrong term, its early lol

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