Wyze app 2.41.5 - 4/26/2023

The 2.41.5 app is releasing today! There’s now a setting for whether you use the default notification sound on your phone or the new Wyze tone in Push Notification Settings. We also have Cam Protect available in Canada! :canada:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


Got iOS update. Still waiting for Android.


Where did you get the iOS update from? TestFlight still shows 2.41.0 (28). I’m confused ???

No, the App Store. But I uninstalled the existing app, went to the App Store and installed from there

That’s interesting. Still not available in App Store in Canada. Might be a location issue. I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

Thanks @spamoni4

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Let me add to my confusion. This feature was never in beta, right? We, beta testers just got bypassed, right? Any idea why?

You are correct. No beta on this release. I believe it was because there was minimal changes.

No reflection on you, but adding a toggle to a sound notification that drove thousands crazy is not a minimal change. I just feel violated as a beta tester :rofl:

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:), I understand. Remember, I am a community member as you. :wink:

I’m totally aware, that’s why I thread lightly. As I said, no reflection on you or your post, just shooting the s@#t :wink:

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Not a problem. I thought there would be a beta release of this as well.

Especially since there was a found issue related to the sound. :slight_smile:

It is being discussed here:


Thanks for the link brother.

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Not a Problem. Hopefully it will be corrected soon.

OK, so first, thank you for letting us use either the default sound or the Wyze sound for notifications.

I seem to have an issue with this version, as well as the last. I can no longer turn off the IR lights when i want to switch the camera (V3) into B&W mode or night vision mode without full colour. My version 2 cameras still have this setting, it seems only to be missing for the Version 3 camera.

Below is a screenshot of the V3 camera Advanced Settings so you can see the setting simply does not exist.

@rodger.werner, You have the IR Night Vision Mode set to Off in your screenshot. The Night Vision Conditions setting will disappear when IR Night Vision Mode is set to ON. Both the Night Vision Conditions and the Night Vision IR Lights settings will disappear when set to OFF.

What happens when you set the IR Night Vision Mode to Auto or On?

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Ok, so … If i put the mode to either Auto or ON, and turn the ‘Night Vision IR Lights’ off … no matter what, the lights come on, blinding the camera, as it is mounted to a window looking outside (through glass). That is why I had the mode set to off. Because up until a little while ago if that was set to off, then i would be able to turn off the IR lights with the toggle and regardless of the mode switch in the camera view, it would cycle through without issue.

So, before, when the camera was live viewing OFF would put me in colour night vision, ON would put me into B&W or IR mode with the lights off, and AUTO would cycle between them as needed depending on darkness.

Now, there seems to be no way to turn off the IR lights, even though the setting is set to OFF.

Example. Here are the settings changed and when the Night Vision IR Lights are set to off as shown in this image:

this is what the camera does:

Please note that the IR lights are in fact ON.

I am wondering now if this may be a firmware issue?

I see. I also have a V3 shooting thru glass. I am running the updated Android App 2.41.5, however my V3 Cams are currently running the Beta firmware.

I ran my V3 thru a cycle and the IR lights off setting is holding thru each mode cycle. With the cam in Auto and in On the IR lights remain off.

Toggling the IR lights between Off, Far, and Near appropriately changes the lights in the cam.

Ah, ok, I am on regular firmware running on iPad.
And to add, regardless of the near or far IR lights, they just always are ON regardless of me telling them to turn off in the settings.

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One of those or a combination of the two may very well be the difference in this anomoly. Do you have another device, perhaps a phone, to test it there?