My Wyze, problem of the week experience

A few weeks ago, some camera’s were suddenly inverted, My wyze lock, I have had to recalibrate it twice in the last three weeks so it would auto lock, A few days ago I started getting many alerts related to sound. I have turned the sound all the way down on one camera and I’m still getting sound alerts on it all day and night due to minor wind noise which wasn’t a problem before. Now I am getting the weird notification sound that I never ask for and so far have not found a way to change it. Also if we are on a beta version, shouldn’t that be a not yet ready for production version?

How about some useful information. What devices (I gathered more than the lock)? What firmware versions? What phone and app version?

As far as the alerting sound, yes, it changed. If you are on iOS, as I understand it, you can’t change it (thank you Apple). If you’re on Android, you can, but I can’t tell you how since I don’t use alerts from Wyze anyway.

The way I change the sound on Android is by doing the following:

  • Long Press the Android App Icon
  • Tap on App Info
  • Tap on Notifications

Then go through each of the Notification Categories and change the Sound to what you would like.

The problem is not the sound level on my phone, the cameras are reporting sound notices way more than they were up to about a week ago, like 20 times per day, so I adjusted sound notification down to zero and am still getting several sound notifications per day on 3-4 of the 10 camera’s that I have hd for 2-3 years.

They are all at the latest revision.

Please give actual version numbers. We can only guess what devices and/or app versions you do or do not have on beta, and for all you know, a new version will come out five minutes after you post it. So, “Latest version” is only partially useful.

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This has nothing to do with Apple. Apple allows for different apps to have different sound notifications. It’s up to the developer to implement them. It might be beyond their programming capabilities, but that has nothing to do with Apple. Various third party apps have the feature including WhatsApp and many other. Look it up.

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