Wyze App Beta V2.41.0 (b194) Notifications turning on automatically as well as unable to change the notification sound

Just what the subject say, my notifications are turning on automatically. I have to turn them off regularly. Sometimes 3-4 times a day.

Also, I am unable to change the notification sounds. The sound being used in the beta app is HORRIBLE.


Android Devices - as I see you have an Android device listed in your profile:

The Notification Sound can be changed via the Notifications in the App Info area of the app. OS level. Long press the App, go to App info, select Notifications, then select the Notification Category and select your sound.

Can you provide additional information on the Notifications turning on:

  • Do you share your account with a family member? If so, could they be turning it on?
  • Are you talking about the primary Notification toggle or items in the notification area like all motion?
  • Is this happening on all cameras or one model in particular.

Any information will help.



My wife uses the same logon as I have but she is using the regular app. Actually asked her and She does not make changes. She asks me about changes an I usually make them.

Yes, primary notifications, so all cameras.

I was thinking it happened after a newer version of the beta app. I am unable to recall how long it has been happening, best guess would be “maybe” a month or so?


For what it’s worth, I have the same app version on my Moto Edge and have Account > Notifications >all sub items set to off and have never had them turn on my themselves.

Interestingly, I am not seeing that issue at all.

I experience the same as @K6CCC .

Wonder if logging out of the app restarting the phone or tablet and then logging back in would help. Something to try, just make sure you have your PWD and 2FA when logging back in.

My Iphone just u pdated to and it’s enabled some alternate notification sound and is VERY Annoying.

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The new app update introduced an App Directed Global Default Notification Tone.

See the latest posts in these threads for more information:


The notification sound is horrible, would be better if we could choose the sound.


@s55 Welcome to the community! For Android, you should be able to change the sound.

Android Phone Settings > Apps > Wyze > Tap on WyzeMessage > Sound. Choose sound, tap ok.


How do you turn off the notification sound on an IPhone or IPad and back vibrate? It is annoying!

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very annoying - I can’t seem to change the sound on the iphone.

I’ve searched and saw that I can reset the tone on my iPhone, BUT I need to know what the previous tone was from when I initially installed the Wyze app years ago. It was the only app that used that tone and I knew it when it sounded off. Now, this new “Global” tone is annoying because I don’t associate it with my camera notifications. It would have been nice to have the choice to choose to use the new tone or keep the former one.

Can anyone tell me what the “name” of the old tone was so I can search my phone and find it?

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