Default notification has changed after v2.41.0(200) update

I updated my Wyze app this morning on my Pixel 6 and the default push notification sound has changed.
I tried but can’t get the notification to work when I choose one from my Android App setting → Sound and Notification.
Any trick I’m missing?

You should be able to select the items with the Bell in the Apps Settings, Then Sound, and select from there?

Is this not working for you?

FYI, the only way I have found to go back to the new Wyze Default notification after changing it is to uninstall and reinstall the Wyze App.


Yep, tried that already, also rebooted after saving the sound but no luck.
I’m not going to reinstall just now, it’s a small deal and doesn’t warrant a reinstall.

When you go to the permissions area, you may have 1 WyzeMessage notifications. Make sure both are set to notify and change the sound on both of you want

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Right click on the media player and ‘Save audio as’ to download the m4a courtesy @StopICU33 :slight_smile:


Everything started working in the evening, the widget stopped working and started showing Wyze shop, etc. But all good now. I don’t have any explanations but I know it all started after I ran the update.

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The new notification sound is unbearable, and I can’t figure out how to change it back to the nice subtle quiet “click” I had it set to before. Help!

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Android 13.

@peepeep Here is my Wyze notification sound on my Android. Easy to change the sound. “Ice cubes” :grin:

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Thank you for the Android instructions. That new sound was excruciating. Wish I could set different sounds for each camera.


As I have been educated by my fellow community volunteer @SlabSlayer, there is a 3rd party app that can do this. It’s called MacroDroid. I believe it is 5.99.

If you search the forum with MacroDroid you will see a number of posts regarding.

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Thanks for the tag @R.Good!

Here is the thread explaining how to do it with MacroDroid.

I have an individual unique tone for every single individual cam, my HMS, Vacuum, three types of sensors, Thermostat, plus a different tone for every AI type and push notification alert. I also use it for other apps and emails. Anything that sends a notification.

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image Cheers!

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