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My Pan Cam used to have a pleasant chime (via the app on my cellphone) when motion was detected. All of a sudden the sound changed to a multi-note, musical notification on both my phone and my wife’s phone. I’ve been through the app settings but am not finding where I can select the notification sound. Can someone point me the right direction? Thanks.


You must have updated to the Beta App.

The Wyze Beta App is testing its own native notification sound that cannot be modified from within the app.

You will need to go to your Notification settings in your Android: Long Press the Wyze App Icon → App Info → Notifications → WyzeMessage (there may be two) → Advanced → Sound

You can change the sound to “Default” which will be the Android Supplied notification sound or you can choose one of your own from your notification sound folder. If you want to download a custom sound for the Wyze app from the internet, just be sure to save it in the Notifications folder on the root drive so that you can select if from the sound file browser that pops up.

The new WyzeMessage channel supplying the Beta App sound will be the one that lists the sound as “App Supplied”.


Ok. That worked. Thanks for the quick reply. I’d never have found it there!


Your’e welcome. I suspect there will be many that get benefit from reading your topic. Especially when the feature goes live in the production app.


I cannot find what you have detailed, beta user, Android, up to date as far as I can tell, samsung s20 +. It’s funny, the customer service at wyze are clueless about this, all they had to say is… Send a log.

Edit: I figured it out. :wink:

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Just to perhaps lend a bit of clarity to the solution provided by @SlabSlayer

NOTE: You must be running the beta version of the Wyze app:

  1. Long press on the Wyze app icon on your phone’s “desktop”.

  2. Tap “App Info”.

  3. Tap “Notifications”.

  4. Tap “WyzeMessage”. On my phone there were 2 of these. I performed
    the following step for both.

  5. Tap “Sound” and then select the desired sound.

The Android OS has always had this ability to change the Notification sound for each of the Wyze notification channels. The Beta App is not a requirement for this functionality.

The reason it was noticed here is because the Beta changed the previous sound set by the OS and it needed to be changed back. The Beta also introduces the second WyzeMessage channel with the new App Provided sound that needs to be overridden.

I am currently running the production app prior to the current Beta and every production and beta app prior to that. I have always changed my notification sound in the OS and thru use of a 3rd party app.

The settings may be a bit different depending on the brand of phone that is running Android and the version of Android running since there are differences in each OS and Brand build, but the stock Android OS has always been a capable changing the notification sounds for all your individual app notification channels (unless restricted by the app). My example was based on a Moto Android 11.

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I noticed today that the notification sound was changed for the Wyze app on my OnePlus 9 Pro Android phone. (I have two Wyze Cam V3s.) As far as I know, I never opted into the Beta program. The Wyze app is currently v2.41.0(200). I really like the Wyze products and the responsive Wyze support. But I really kind of don’t like the fact that Wyze changed the notification sound without my permission. I was informed after-the-fact with some message that said Wyze change the sound so it would be unique and different than the stock Android sounds (or something to that effect). That’s the bad news. The good news is that I was able to change it back using the instructions in this thread. The other bad news is that I shouldn’t have had to.

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The Beta is done. The App was released for full production update.

The app update you just downloaded to version 2.41.0(200) is the new production version and contains the new sound, which can be changed on Android.

Glad you were able to get it changed back. I knew it was coming so I was prepared to change mine.

Are there similar instructions for iOS? I’m OK with the new sound but would be nice if it can be customized.

I don’t believe iOS allows users to modify App Notification tones. They removed that ability some time ago. In the barrage of posts in many other threads regarding the new tone, I haven’t seen any iOS users detail a way to do it.

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Thanks, just reading some of those posts now. You weren’t kidding about barrage.

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I have to agree with @servicejb . It was absolutely not right for Wyze to take it upon themselves to change the notification sound for existing users. I can understand making the new sound the default for new users, but it’s not appropriate to change the setting for existing users. But what’s done is done. Water under the bridge. But hopefully they will be more respectful of the user’s settings in the future.

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If I had my druthers, I would have made the new global notification tone a toggle option in the settings menu. First restart after the update would have popped up a UI Action card with the “What’s New” card that asked “Do you want to use the new Global Notification Tone?” With a Preview button to allow you to listen to it. If users didn’t like it, they could have said no and it stays what it was.

Yes, that would have been better.

Via mobile

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Yikes - does this mean there’s no way to change it back? The new sound is unbearable. Please say it ain’t so.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Android 13, Nova Launcher

There are instructions in this thread that I used to successfully change my notification sound back to the way it was.

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App Version

Under Notiftications → WyzeMessage changed on me this morning for some reason. Actually, as I look this over. Why is there two WyzeMessage choices/options now? The first one has overridden the second option. Second option was set as I made the sound choice awhile ago.

I would assume have two of the same options is a mistake.

I have two WyzeMessage lines also - but at least those instructions let me get back to the sound I wanted.

Not sure why Wyze chose to initiate a second WyzeMessage Channel for the new App Provided notification sound rather than use the previously installed channel.

When I first started getting notifications after the update, they were coming in on the new channel.

For Android users, I would suggest changing the sound for new one that indicates “Provided By App” to “None” and leave the old one as it is. Test it to see if the old one takes over. If it doesn’t and you get no tone, then we will know the old WyzeMessage channel is no longer in use and only the new one works and needs the attitude adjustment to your custom selected tone.