Wyze app 2.41 - 4/18/2023

I would absolutely love to see an open source OS take off and gain strength. In order to do this, someone would have to get the hardware manufacturers off the software manufacturer’s payroll.

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I’ve contemplated this since you can install your own OS free of carrier crap&spy-ware. Ubuntu Touch comes to mind, but you can also install Android & others.

I’ve held off since… 1) my employer pays my bill, and 2) hoping Tesla will announce sumpin soon.

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I have tried repeatedly and I can’t change it on my Pixel 7 Pro, no matter what you say. It says “app provided sound” and it won’t change. I’m sure there are many others like me. The Wyze team screwed up and needs to fix this.

So you watched the video and duplicated the steps demonstrated?

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Does scroogle lock their own hardware down moreso than the rest?


I was able to change it on the Pixel 6.


I couldn’t agree with you more, The Wyze team screwed up AGAIN and Needs to FIX IT!

I also have the double Wyzemessage as shown in the link above.


I think you may have replied to the wrong user if you are agreeing with me. I’m really not agreeing with you or the manner in which you are conveying your feelings.

Perhaps if you log into the forum thru your web browser rather than replying by email you will see that every one of your emails sent… with the exact same message, is being posted to the forum in chronological order.

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I was finally able to get my Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 12 to change the Wyze notification sounds back to my previous selected sounds. I hadn’t noticed that with the new app update, there were two (2) “WyzeMessage” notification categories.
This is under : Phone Settings > Apps > Wyze > Notifications > Notification Categories.

There were three (3) options:

The first (new) “WyzeMessage” category was set to “App default” were the other two were set to my previous selected sounds. When I set all three (3) categories to the sound I wanted, no more default sounds.

Thanks to @SlabSlayer for showing that it could be done.


Funny thing about the lengthy tone Wyze chose…

I was in the middle of a big work project when my app updated unbeknownst to me. We use teams, zoom and other internet calling/meeting services, but I was actually on a normal voice call… when all the sudden, the Wyze app (didn’t recognize it as the source initially) starts chiming in what sounded like some new incoming ringtone.

Kinda freaked me out and took me awhile to realize the situation being very low on sleep for several days… :smile:

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And the new tone is so annoying that I turned off notifications. There are numerous built-in alert tones on a phone that I would like to choose from, but Wyze doesn’t offer that option. Instead, I’m now being force fed an audio doodle that sounds way too much like the old Maxwell House Coffee ID.

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I couldn’t agree more. Wake up WYZE!!!

Numerous support tickets and two app updates and I’m still seeing disabled/deleted rules running.
When will this be fixed?
If it won’t be, could customers get some sort of access to wherever rules are stored in the cloud so that we can look into it?
According to packet captures I’ve taken, the app contacts (re-rule-svc-506007799.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com) at the deleted rule runs; is there a customer-facing UI for this server?

@cydjdavis Can you provide the support ticket numbers please.
Also, if you can get a log from the Wyze app and post that as well, I will see if I can get this escalated.

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@R.Good Ticket 2657714 and 2853781. Log number 989348, and updated one soon.

Also see this thread: Disabled Rule Still Runs - #3 by cydjdavis

AGREE, AGREE, AGREE!! I hated Woody Woodpecker when I was a kid, so this new notification is more than irritating - but they tell us it can’t be changed.

I have been taking all this feedback to the team and we are discussing improvements to the experience.


Were you a Woody Woodpecker fan when you were a kid? THat’s what the new sound is and it’s irritating.

It’s the Woody Woodpecker laugh from the old cartoons, and it’s irritating.