Wyze app 2.41 - 4/18/2023

Wyze app 2.41 is releasing soon! We finally have a Wyze-specific notification tone so we won’t blend into general notifications. We also added snooze for notifications, can show the same SSID for combined bands, and improved UX.

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


For those that are experiencing the VOIP issue please see if this app fixes it. If it doesn’t please let me know.


We were able to get a few Wishlist items in this release. We now have a rule option for the Air Purifier to turn on and off the LED lights. Also, these two entries are now in this release.

There are more we are working on for future releases.


Loving the new notification sound!


I’m not a fan of how the new notification sound over rides the selected tone on my Samsung GS10. I had separate tones for the Wyze notification, which were different from all other notification sounds. Now the Wyze app seems to play the new sound and not the sound that I have selected (under phone settings). Give us the choice to use the new sound OR the phone’s notification sound.


@WyzeJasonJ I am glad this was released. Now I have turned off MacroDriod, where I had specific notifications for person, pet, and vehicle detection sounds. For example, when a person is detected, Macdriod will trigger, and my custom mp3 would say Person Detected on the front door.

I have a Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro; where in the app information do I manually change these settings? Or is this located in the rules? I tried searching, but I could not find it. My app is on version as of this morning. I also cleared my cache, signed out, and signed back in with no luck. I tried following the below steps that I found in the forums and I cannot find it.

New notification sound is driving me crazy. I’ve just disabled it now which I didn’t want to do. Would you please add in app options to change this to anything else?


@mehoman Go to this post below :point_down:

To those asking about the notification sound, there is not a way in the Wyze app to change it. We had many complaints that users could not differentiate the sound due to it being the same as every other app. There are two ways to deal with this, change the sound for the app or build a way in the app for users to control the sound. One is easy and one involves a lot more work. We chose to make the sound different and are still looking into ways to achieve the other one.

Android users may be able to change sounds in the Android settings for the app itself, iOS users will not be able to do this.


Are you using the Android Wyze App or Wyze iOS App? :point_down:


Making this default notification is a horrible idea. If it is the tone/sound that is in the beta app, it is terrible, long and extremely annoying… I don’t get to use notifications anymore because of the notifications choice/lock down. I love the Camz and would hate to have to change brand all over a stupid notification tone…



I understand your frustration and you are not alone. I’m hoping there will be better options for everyone in the near future.


The sound before was whatever phone default was. We just changed the Wyze default. If you were able to change it before you should still be able to. That being said we do hear the feedback and are looking into options to fix this since many are not liking it.


Your profile does not indicate Android or iOS.

iOS doesn’t give the option in the OS Settings to change the Notification tone for an app.

Android does:


The new ringtone is a complete disaster. I have an Android (Pixel 7 Pro) and I can’t change back to the tone I had before. The Wyze app won’t allow a change. Please fix this ASAP. This seems to be something that was solved that had no problem.


Please fix this as soon as possible. The ringtone is totally irritating.


This doesn’t work.


This new sound is too long, and not customizable. I appreciate the intent, but add a sound selection option. Note 22 Ultra Android 13


I will assume by your last post that you are an iOS user.

Some time ago, iOS removed the ability for users to modify app notification tones. As such, there isn’t any way for you to change it unless there is a way for an iOS user to remove the app and install a prior version. This can be done on Android but I don’t use iOS so I can’t tell you if it is possible or not.