Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

Right now the Wyze notification tones blend in with other phone notification tones (such as from games or messaging services). Some people would like for the notifications to stand out more and this is especially true for people using these for security or to watch their kids. Changing the notification sound will let people know that it isn’t a regular notification and that they should check the Wyze app.





I have set my Wyze notification tone on my Galaxy S8 via settings/Apps/notifications. I have 3 security cameras and have set them all with different tones.


Yes, please give us the option to change the notification sounds. I have a Galaxy Note 4 with Android 6.0.1 and there is no way to change the notification sound for the Wyze app. Currently the notification sounds just blend in with my other default notifications. I am using my cameras as a security device, so it would be nice to have the notification sounds stand out.


Just like GaryW, I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and if I go into the phone settings (not the Wyze app settings), I can change sounds. I go to Settings–>Notifications–>select Wyze from the list of apps–>then WyzeNormal. I found that the Importance must be set at either Urgent or High and then when I go back a screen, I am able to select what sound I want, or if I want to have it vibrate. If the Importance is set any lower, it is just silent, no option to make or change the sound. It works for me.! Perhaps there are similar settings to this on other Androids. I know nothing about IOS.


Is it in the works to be able to change notification alerts sound? Would like to setup a different notification sound separate from my other notifications so I know if it a notification I can ignore or what.


At this time there’s isn’t a way to change the notification sound, no. We are taking that feedback into consideration though, thanks!


Which Smartphone OS are you using IOS/Android?
I know IOS does not allow changing. But if you are using an android device, you can download the app Andriod Beta Testing Application Then at the bottom you can opt into the beta testing program and see if this feature is there… But that would be your best way to stay ahead of the mold.
Hope this helps

+1 I’d love this too ?

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I would certainly appreciate a different sound on my android. Using the system default is annoying. I’ve turned notifications off as a result.

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If your on Android Oreo then you can change the sound by going into
App Info -> App Notifications -> Categories (WyzeNormal)
then select a new sound


Apple IOS iPhone users need a way to assign a unique sound to Wyze Cam alerts. Not having this option is a huge miss for your cameras and doesn’t allow the ability to place a unique priority on a security notification. Can you advise when this might be rectified in the future? Thanks.


+1 for allowing a different notification sound on ios


I would like this on IOS as well, different sounds for each camera would be great.


Please, please, please update and allow IOS users to be able to change the alert notification sound.


Please allow different sounds!!!


I agree that a choice of distinctive alert sounds would be extremely helpful. That way, without glancing at my phone, I would know whether my cat rolled over in her bed, or SOMEONE JUST BROKE INTO MY GARAGE. I have 6 Wyze Cams, and so many alerts that I tend to disregard them all.


From what I have seen in iOS, unless it’s an Apple application, NO 3rd party applications have the ability to change the alert. I assume it’s an Apple thing.
In my opinion, it’s just one more reason that I HATE this @#$%^&* iPhone that I was forced into last year (it’s a work phone).

Not true…I previously had a Foscam camera system that allowed iPhone users to
choose notification alert from the device’s generic or purchased sounds for all cameras (however no choices for individual cameras). WyzeCam is a certified app for Apple IOS so I think it can be written/edited to be an option from within the app to search for notification sounds either on the individual’s iPhone or iPad on which the WyzeCam app is installed. We need a unique notification for our cameras since they’re mostly installed as a security system and not to watch bird feeders or lounging cats.


Thanks Larry - I stand corrected. I will re-state. So far, I have not found any non-Apple app for this POS iPhone that allows changing the alert tone.
I will stand by my statement that I HATE this @#$%^&* iPhone :slight_smile:

I have the same issue (and request).

I have the latest version of the Wyze Android app (v1.5.44) and version of the Wize Cam Pan firmware. I am using a “Samsung Galaxy Note 4” phone with “Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)” and there is currently no way to change the Notification (alert) Sound for alerts generated by the Wyze app. The notifications from the Wyze app use the default system notification sound, so the notification sounds just like any other general notification.

Please add a way to change the notification sound in the app, so I can change the notification sound to a more “urgent” sound. This is very important.

Thank you!!