Sensors video length and notifications

Received my sensor kit yesterday and installed the first sensor on the garage door. The sensor works fine, but the 12 sec. video limit is almost entirely used up my the garage door travel,. I basically can’t see who opened the door and came inside. Also, I don’t seem to be getting messages via email, after sharing.
One thing I would like is a louder, longer (adjustable) notification when a sensor is activated.

Thank you.


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@bsilvestro there was a user that attached the contact sensor to a hinge and fixed the hinge to the garage door. If you replicate this with the hinge fixed to the bottom of the garage door the contact sensor should only read open when the door is almost fully open. Scroll down in the thread below for a picture.

@Omgitstony Genius BTW.


Thank you for the suggestion. That’s a rather unique way to mount the sensors. But wouldn’t that give you a false “closed” reading if the door were to get stuck half way up or down? I like the fact that I can check the sensors and know my doors are closed.

I know I’m being picky. I just think a 12 sec video is simply too short to be effective.


Actually, I don’t think I fully understood that photo. But after looking at it closer, that’s a great idea. I’m gonna give it a shot.

Thanks again


@bsilvestro I actually haven’t tried mounting it on a hinge myself since I don’t have a spare hinge lying around and I had already mounted it the un-original way. I do have the same issue as you where the 12 sec clip is like 90% just the door opening though and can see what you mean about a false closed with the door in the halfway position.

One way I can think of although not efficient is have two contact sensors on the garage door. One like the hinge picture and one placed traditionally. The hinge sensor would be the video trigger and have notifications off and the traditional sensor would not trigger a video and have notifications on that would probably work.

Or if you use IFTTT to trigger the video instead of the wyze app that might work since IFTTT has a bit of a delay before firing.