Sense Notification Time Options

The Wyze Sense sensors don’t (seem) to alert my phone until they have been open (or closed) for 1 minute. Can I be notified sooner, like after 10 seconds or something? Within the app the status of the sensor is updated very quickly. Thank you.

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That’s strange because mine almost always trigger the second the sensor contact breaks - occasionally there will be a delayed notification, but not very often.

So you get the alert pretty quickly, to your phone? If I look at my list of devices, it shows the change right away - but the alert takes almost exactly a minute. I feel like I had read it would take that long - or did I see a setting for that, which I can change? Thanks for your help.

I have a contact sensor on the laundry room door, and on the main garage door. There is a camera which is triggered by the garage door. I get the laundry room door notification, shortly followed by the garage door, then the camera starts running. So, when Wife leaves for work, I get notified immediately. I can watch her leave. Time stamp on the cam footage is within a few seconds of the phone.

Rarely, if the screen is locked, I might not get a notification until I unlock it. No idea why it is so random, either.

I mean, sure, there are times when the notifications come in late, but isn’t something I can say happens a lot.

Anyone know why mine notification from Sensor to Phone takes basically a timed minute? Again - the Wyze app shows the change in senor (open or closed) right away. But I’m not getting the notification on my phone until a minute. And the message specifically says, “Sensor has been open for a minute,” in the notification. Thanks again for the help.

Hi - wondering if anyone else is aware of where the setting is that’s telling my sensors not to alert my phone until they have been open (or closed) for a minute. I am NOT using IFTT. Since the phone alert specifically says that “Sensor has been open for a minute,” - there must be a setting. I saw a reference on someone else’s post to getting notified after 15 minutes. I didn’t want to post on another forum though… The problem for me is that I want to use this on a door, but it’s not likely to stay open for a whole minute. Thanks again very much. Frankie

Go into your sensor’s settings. Then notifications. You probably have ‘is left open’ set to 1 minute.

See this. Each sensor can be set to tell you if it had been opened for any period of time, as with mine. Go to the sensor that is doing this, then tap the cog in the upper right, go to notifications.

Ha! You guys rock! Not sure how I missed that - I thought I looked at the settings… Thanks to all of you…

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Sorry I misunderstood your first post. I thought you were getting delayed responses.