Wyze Sense notification delay: is there a Spec?

The web page for the product says nothing about response time, by which I mean: what is the expected delay from a contact sensor getting a Close or Open action, until the notification appears in the Wyze app on my phone? There are many posts here and on Reddit griping about delays of 5, 10, 30 minutes.

For my application, if the typical delay is more than 2 minutes, Sense is not useful for me.


I don’t know of a spec, but it should be nearly instant. When mine are working properly for example, I get a notification or rule action within 3 seconds. However, it seems like there are more frequent then there should be, times when there are long delays like you described. Typically Wyze blames it on Amazon server maintenance.

I have a Zigbee motion sensor to trigger lights because it’s more reliable than the Wyze motion sensor and I noticed that with my Amazon routine that turns on a Wyze bulb and another light with a none Wyze smart plug, the Wyze bulb is always a couple seconds behind the other smart plug. When I used to use a Wyze smart plug, they were both equal time, so Wyze is definitely a bit slower even when working well.

Mine show up in less than a minute … usually within seconds

Thanks to you both for sharing your experience. I’ll give Sense a try.

Sensor alerts are almost always instant for me (within 2 seconds?) Yes, server issues could delay those, but personally I don’t remember any instance where they didn’t happen within a few seconds. People use motion sensors to turn on lights when they enter a room. They can’t take long under that scenario.

Now cam alerts DO lag a bit, and can lag further if there is an issue with the servers. So make sure they are talking about sensors and not cams if you see a discussion about it.

Oh, and if you use IFTTT, then the delay can be long.