Question about wyze motion sensor

I’ve been reading about the motion sensor, my question is once the sensor detects motion is there a way to have it notify my phone in real time. Since the wyze cams can’t be viewed on a monitor like a traditional CCTV camera system, I’d like to be able to recieve immediate notifications while inside my house. Is this possible, or is there a lag to it?

Thanks all.

There is a few-second lag, but that seems minimal to me. A motion sensor can trigger a camera recording, and then notify a few seconds later. I then look at the clip under the events tab to see what triggered it. Worst comes to worse, I switch to SD card mode and back up a few seconds to see more of what occurred.

I do have occasional triggers I can’t identify, that a second camera from a different position can.

Also, I have my primary cams up on group mode on a tablet all day, and can swipe to any other cams very quickly if I get a notification. So you can have them on a monitor (usually a tablet plugged into a power source).


Just making sure you are talking about the stand-alone Wyze Sense Motion Sensor(PIR sensor)? Not the “motion sensing” (which are the cameras detecting pixel change in the frame) of the Wyze cameras?

My Sense motion sensor sends me alerts in about a second or two when testing it. Barely any lag.


I think the response time, especially now with the Covid crisis, is going to depend on the server status. Sometimes my motion sensor responses have almost instantaneous response but rarely they will lag.