Hows the motion notification lag on the v3 now?

I remember it being awful back when v3 was released but I haven’t heard anything about it since. Has wyze fixed it or is it still as long as it was when v3 was released?

If you have Cam Plus turned off, the motion detection is about a second, maybe two. If you have complete motion detection or AI events on, it’s a couple more seconds at least.

Really? I remember hearing that it took like 4 minutes or some absurd number for your phone to ring from the time someone moved. If its just a few seconds thats incredible!

I had to enable “Hardware Decoding” !

Saw a " Lag Notification " thread, found a solution / hint there.


I’ve gone from 10-12 mins.
To less than 1 min, on both of my V3’s.

Great !

Um, I don’t think that’s it. Hardware (video) decoding is client side. Event notification is server-side. Something else got fixed.

Plus 10~12-minute lag? Even if software video decoding is the culprit, that’s way too long. Software decoding results in slow frame rate and possibly dropped frames, not a delay.

Ok Thx,

The only setting I changed was “Hardware Decoding” ?

It helped my situation dramatically.

Less than a min for Alert Notifications and a faster, more stable, SD card playback.

All I want is an effective way, to view of what’s going on outside my home.

How that gets accomplished, is up to Wyze Hardware n Software.

With minimal, “Cam tinkering”, on my end.

Now that post on, “Solar power”, for Wyze Cam’s is my kind of tinkering.

Hardware decoding does not affect event reporting at all. They happen at two separate times.

Something else changed.

Well I like the change.

Less than 1 min notifications,

This is a lot better n more meaningful, to me.

That combined with the most recent software upgrade, did the trick.

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i legit dont care now since i asked before i got my camera and now i got it w like a 6s delay. [mod edit]

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