Wyze Cam V3 notification lag

I own several Wyze Cam V3 cameras (as well as their scale and thermometer) and I like them very much. I love the fact that I can record 24/7 with them and can place them inside my windows.

But the one thing I don’t like is the long time the cameras take to send a push notification to my phone after sensing motion. On the average, I receive a notification 40 to 50 seconds after the event. If there is a deliveryman at my front door waiting for me to sign for a package, he is not going to wait around that long.

I also have EufyCam E cameras, and they usually notify me of motion within 3 to 5 seconds . If a battery-operated camera can do that, why can’t the Wyze Cams?

I am hoping that Wyze will fix this problem through a firmware update in the near future.


I doubt it’s anything that can be fixed with a F/W update. More likely the notifications are pushed from the Wyze servers.

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I see you have Android, there has been extensive convo in the forums about the Android doze feature (more like a hindrance) where supposedly it’s a battery saving feature. Where the device pends notifications until the phone is unlocked then dumps all your pending notifs at once. It effects some apps more than others.

Do you have cam plus? I know without camplus, if there is an event, once the event is uploaded to the cloud then that’s when you get notified of the event. Not immediately, but maybe about 15 seconds after the inset of the event.

I received my v3 the other day. I have an Android phone, and like this camera alot. I did some testing with the V2 and V3 on notifications:

  • Using Cam Plus active state for AI notifications. I receive notifications in about 30 seconds. However, If I turn on all motion with both Cam Plus AI and normal Motion - I receive notifications relatively quickly. On average 15 seconds (But I get a lot of notifications - lights, leaves, etc).

  • Using Cam Plus, but turn off AI Notificaitons and alert on all motion, notifications still comes in about 20 to 30 seconds

  • Remove the Camera from Cam Plus (Deactivate) and receive all motions. I get notified in less than 10 seconds.

There is a lag when using Cam Plus probably related to the AI process and then the latency of your connection to the servers. Also, these are average times. some were longer than mentioned some were less.

These times are only valid after I ran the ADB command to disable Doze mode. When Doze mode was on and my phone was inactive and off a charger for a period of time, the notification could take in excess of 5 minutes. This is an issue with Android, but Google has not posted any fix for this, I have tried and opened many tickets. As a side note, I was reading that the current Beta version of the Tasker App will process ADB Commands without being rooted. waiting to see if this is the case.


The delay in notifications IS NOT related to any ‘idiosyncrasies’ related to the Android doze feature. That’s an absolute cop-out by defenders of Wyze trying to explain away the significant shortcomings of the overall Wyze infrastructure.

I’ve done extensive testing using cameras from Wyze, ReoLink and Wansview all installed side-by-side and with the same detection zones (full screen) set and notifications turned on. In EVERY case the Wyze notification was received last of all three cameras - sometimes by a few seconds and other times by many minutes. THE PROBLEM IS THE WYZE INFRASTRUCTURE - not Android.

Edit: Just want to add that during my testing I went to lengths to insure the phones and tablets used in the testing were not in ‘doze mode’.

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Oooo, nice. Let us know if this works. I don’t mind using the adb command, and I currently don’t use Tasker but definitely would if it can run the adb command without root.

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It absolutely is an issue with android and doze. If Google had not added doze, this would not be a issue. Yes, there are steps Wyze can take to get around doze like other apps have done but it starts with doze and its a issue with many apps across many devices.


I agree with what you said. I had a pixel 4 and now a 5. Both have delayed notification issues on many apps, including Google’s own apps. Once I run the ADB command to turn off Doze Mode, the apps start notifying. Wyze is actively working on a fix for this issue, but it is not an easy fix given all of the battery saving changes Android has implemented.


I absolutely disagree! If it was an Android issue the Wyze, ReoLink and Wansview camera notifications would ALL have been affected.


Only the Wyze notification were significantly delayed - notifications from both the ReoLink and Wansview cameras were near instantaneous (2 to 3 seconds maximum). Plus, during my testing none of my Android devices were in ‘sleep mode’. How can you try to place the blame on Android in the face of that?


Will do – waiting to see when it is released. Don’t want to install a Beta version which can actually run ADB commands without being rooted. I am hoping the Shell command used to turn Doze Mode off will be available in the released version.

Here is a Youtube Video on some features. the Command option is the one I think may work" Tasker 5.9.2 with ADB options


Did you even read what I posted? Those other apps clearly have taken the necessary steps to bypass doze, Wyze has not, it’s just that simple. Do some research on doze (like the link I posted) and you’ll see it’s an issue with many many apps.

The heart of the issue is Android and Wyze just needs to add the appropriate code so when the device is in doze, notifications will continue.


I agree with R.T. I have cameras by Arlo and Eufy, they they all give me notifications within 2 to 3 seconds. My Wyze Cam V3, on the other hand, notifies me 45 to 50 seconds later … if I’m lucky.


For Clarity on some of my testing related to the lag issues:

  • I have used Ring, Arlo, Eufy, and Wyze Cam.
  • I have an iPhone and Android. Android is my daily driver
  • Android phone is currently running the latest Beta Version of the App and Firmware has been updated on all devices as well.
  • iPhone is running the production version of the app.

Here is what I have found with my testing - let me repeat my testing… :slight_smile:

  1. The iPhone does Notify faster than the Android. However, when I add the ADB command to the mix the notifications are relatively similar, except Android is always a few seconds later.
  2. For me - Ring was terrible. I had a run of no alerts, black screens, and a slew of other issues. I am sure some of those has been corrected by now. But the notification issue existed as it does with other Android Apps. iPhone, was able to provide the notifications, whenever RIng would push it.
  3. Arlo, was fine, but notifications were delayed as well. The Doze issue existed on the Arlo’s as well. When I unlocked the phone, I got flooded with alerts.
  4. Eufy, seems to work very well when it comes to notifications on both iPhone and Android. They seem to have worked around the Android Doze issue. Also note: Eufy is a Local processing device - no Cloud unless you want it. So this is not really a fair test as all the others are not local.
  5. Wyze, great product for the price. Has the Android delayed notification issue as with other apps. But when unlocked and with the latest firmware and beta software, my alerts are coming more frequently now, at times before Eufy (but not always). iPhone is better at the notification times. I have run the ADB command on the Android phone and the Alerts are coming as indicated above in this post and a previous post.

To do a real test, I decided to deactivate the Cam Plus on my V2, V3, and the WCO. I made sure it would notify on all motion (Same as my Eufy Doorbell). The V3 flooded me with Alerts where Eufy, which is setup the same way, did not. the V2 also provided a lot of alerts, but not as many as the V3, the WCO, well lets just say it worked but infrequently because of the cool down period when not using Cam Plus.

Adding Cam Plus to the mix and activating the AI processing and filtering for person detection does add sometime to the notification, but I am still experiencing relatively quick notifications, understanding all of the processing which needs be done when using AI. Eufy will alert faster when you turn on human only notificartions, but remember that Eufy does local process on the base station.

So I guess what I am saying, local processing is always best, but Wyze is able to hold its own given the same conditions and setup as the other camera’s. iPhone seems to be a better choice for notifications, but as indicated, my daily driver is an Android and I like the flexibility of the Android.

I think we all are saying that Wyze needs to get this worked out and provide an update which gets around the Doze issue and speed up the notifications. But for me, the ADB command works until it gets corrected. Apple controls it HW and SW, therefore the notifications are not an issue for them. I can tell you, the iPhone does notify me quicker than the Android. but by only a couple of seconds or so when the ADB command is in place.

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Did YOU read what I posted? My devices were not ‘dozed’, or ‘asleep’, or ‘napping’, or ‘hibernating’, or any other word you care to use. They were active in my hand when I was doing my testing (multiple tests). All three cameras were being tested concurrently. The only, repeat ONLY, explanation for the slower Wyze notifications is the Wyze back-end processing - not Android ‘doze’, not my ISP, not my network - only the Wyze infrastructure.

The Android doze feature WAS NOT A FACTOR in the Wyze notifications being consistently the slowest of the three cameras I was comparing. I spent over 30 years in IT the vast majority of that time spend in S/W development (including embedded systems which is what’s commonly referred to as F/W) so I know how to do proper testing (something foreign to the Wyze development staff) to isolate and/or eliminate specific factors. Everything, as in EVERYTHING, in my testing was common to all three cameras with the exception of the manufacturer’s back-end processing.


My Arlo setup had issues with Notification until I ran the Doze Command. I guess we all had different experiences with these products. I have been in IT for sometime now and have found you could have 2 new PC’s exactly the same delivered at the same time. One works without issue and the other works but sporadically has issues. Always amazes me how the experiences can be so different.

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You specifically disputed @Omgitstonys response where he mentioned the doze issue, you did not mention your issue was not related to doze until you edited your post. My responses are directly related to the doze issue which you disputed.

When my phone is not dozed, my notifications are near instantaneous. I can walk out my front door to take out the trash and my phone’s dinging constantly from the various wyze devices. Even when my phone is dozed, the Wyze Lock and Doorbell notifications are still instantaneous, so something in the coding is different compared to the other cams.

Maybe use your IT experience to troubleshoot your network, because if this was a widespread issue, there would be a ton of complaints.

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My network is fine, else both the ReoLink and Wansview notifications would be affected versus just Wyze. My testing methodology is sound. I cannot say the same for the Wyze infrastructure.

Lack of complaints does not mean the problem doesn’t exist - only that for most it’s not enough of an issue to be vocal about. I don’t use notifications at all in my use case. The only reason I got involved is the complaints that are posted about the delayed notifications piqued my professional curiosity and got me to do the testing (not much better to do with the CoVid restrictions in place). Point is I have no ‘skin in the game’ and approached this as an objective academic exercise without bias one way or another.

I’ve wasted enough time on this effort and discussion. I’ll leave my findings/opinions and move on to other endeavors.

How do make it record all day? Wouldn’t that fill up the 32 gigs of space?

From my understanding, once the card gets filled up, the recording starts all over again (overwrites old recordings).

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The op stated he does not have this issue with his EufyCams.

Wether it’s local or not, wouldn’t doze affect both?